Saturday, November 5, 2011

Brrr, it is getting chilly outside 11-5

I can't believe how chilly I am right now.  The thermostat says 72.5 degrees yet I am freezing.  I also have on a sweatshirt and knit pants so I shouldn't be so cold, but I am.  It is strange, I know, but I suppose since it is November I should be expecting a bit colder weather.  I have a lovely, light blue, really warm winter jacket so I am pleased about that.  I got it for Christmas last year and it was definitely Heaven sent!  I love this jacket a lot.  I am as ready as I can be for winter.  I have my little heater ready to run when needed.  I have all my blankets on my bed ready to help me have a nice, warm night.  I have my 2 main blankets with several fleece blankets at the foot of my bed for when I get cold.  I also have nice warm flannel pajamas.  I do want another pair, Christmas ones!  the ones I have now are winter ones with penguins and polar bears on the bottoms, but I want a Christmas pair.  I think I am finally getting a bit warmer.  I have the little heater on because I have been so cold this evening.  I just turned it off since I am now warm again.  Finally!  It isn't super cold out yet!  I am not ready for winter yet, but I will be soon.

It has been a rather quiet day.  I had Sandra's and Camille's lessons.  Both are doing very well with their Christmas Concert songs.  I am quite pleased with their progress.  Camille's little sister wants to sing.  She is a doll let me tell you.  Camille and her 2 sisters are such cute and sweet girls.  Both younger sisters came to the lesson today and they brought coloring books and crayons to keep them busy today.  They both color very well and made lots of pretty pictures.

I have to remember to put my clocks back an hour tonight.  Yeah!  I get an extra hour of sleep before I drag my sorry butt out of bed for church.  I have the songs we are singing with the congregation so I will bring those with me.  I love singing with the choir.  Before, when I sang in the choir, the rehearsals seemed to last forever, this time, they go super fast.  It is very strange about that.  I don't know really what the difference is, but there is one.  It is also nice to not be the strongest and one of the best singers in the choir.  In this choir, I am one of several strong singers and I am not the best, I am good, but it is nice to not be the top for a change.  It really lets me enjoy the choir and not have to lead a section, we all work together.  I am really enjoying singing with this choir despite the super duper early hour I have to get up to attend.

I don't have any plans for the evening.  I may watch a movie since I picked up some this week: the new Pirates movie, the new Winnie the Pooh movie, and Monte Carlo.  I am anxious to watch them all.  I am watching the news right now so I know what the weather will be for the week.  I like to plan ahead with the wardrobe.  Tomorrow I will wear my pretty sweater for church and my nice dress pants with it.  i love the dress pants (I have 2 pairs exactly the same) even though they are really more fall/spring weather type.  I wear them year round because they fit beautifully and I love them so much.

My student, Sandra said she would help put away music after the Christmas Concert.  Wow, that will be so helpful.  I can take care of the CDs while she takes care of the sheet music/books.  I have so many that need to be put away.  I sure miss my assistant (Mom) for jobs like this.  I was so spoiled because she was so helpful.  Believe me, I appreciated that she helped me stay organized.  I really did.  I didn't take for granted her help.  I have had some help with Katie since Mom passed away too.  I just really appreciate my students helping me.  I have such a hard time standing there to put the stuff away.  If it was a small pile of music, it would be different, but it isn't, it is several piles of music.  2 on the pianos, 2 on the other piano bench, 2 on the dinning room table and 2 boxes in the office with a small pile on top of the file cabinets.  That is a lot of music that needs to be put away!  I can help by gathering it and putting it in order.  I will work on that between now and after the Christmas Concert.

I am going to clear off the dining room table this weekend so I can change tablecloths.  I have a really pretty one that is for fall and Thanksgiving.  I need a new one for Christmas but I will get that when they come out.  Right now, they only have the Thanksgiving ones out at the store.  I am not sure when I will decorate for Christmas outside of doing it after Thanksgiving.  I am going to ask if Lily would like to come and help.  She is a very creative young lady.  She had surgery about a week ago on her ankle.  She will have the other ankle taken care of during her Christmas vacation.  Lily is such a strong girl that I imagine she will bounce back quickly.  I simply adore that young lady as well as her sisters.  They are all such neat women.  Elyse is married (when did she get that old???).  Her wedding was the last big event Momma attended.  She had a good time while we were there.  Emily just graduated from high school.  I still have her Graduation present to give her.  I hope to catch up with her sometime.  Last, but certainly not least, is Lily.   Lily is in middle school and seems to be doing very well.  She is smart girl, extremely bright.  I expect that by the time she is a junior in high school that she will most likely be taking a few college courses for things like science and math.  So anyway, I hope to see Lily before her surgery to hang out for a while.

I am going to work on the subdivision newsletter now.  I am in charge of the newsletter.  For a change, we actually have lots of things to let the subdivision know about.  This is unusual because quite often there just isn't too much going one but with the holidays coming up, we have much to write about.

I do hope you have a great day too!

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