Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday 11-21

It hasn't been too cold out yet this late fall.  I am thankful for that.  Friday, the neighbor's children will be coming to move a few things around in the garage and taking the table and chairs out so my lovely little car will FINALLY be in the garage!  I can't wait for that.  I really can't.  I do need to charge my scooter before that.  I am going to do that right now.  For some reason, it won't charge.  I have it plugged in but it won't show that it is charging.  I will have to call the scooter store tomorrow about this.  I think it means I need new batteries.  They are 5 years old and they say that is about when you have to change them.  I am kind of bummed because they are very expensive.  I have a good place to buy them from though so that is good.  They are cheaper there than from the scooter store.  The scooter store is very expensive.  I think I will have the repairman come and look at it though.  I am doing this now because I don't need the problem at competition.  That would be horrible!  I so need the scooter then.  I will get this fixed.  Ugh, more expenses!

I am not as tired as yesterday, but I am still very tired.  I slept pretty good for a change last night.  I don't recall waking up a lot for a change.  I usually wake about every 2 hours to roll over because of pain.  My bed wasn't too messed up either so I must have slept a bit better.  I am hoping for a repeat experience tonight.

So far, it looks like I will have Charlie tomorrow!  I can't wait!  I haven't seen him for at least a month!  It  has been too long!  Just way to long!  I think we will have an hour lesson for the next month to make up what we have missed.  I like how he make up his lessons instead of just missing them.  With the concert in 2 weeks, this is especially good!  I want him to be super prepared for the concert.  Isaac has decided to only sing at the concert.  I told him that was just fine, and it is.  I don't think it is my place nor something I want to do, to make or force a student to perform.  I will encourage, but that is it.  If a student doesn't feel that he or she is ready, then that is okay.  He did just start piano a few weeks ago, so I am not surprised.  We also went through the group song, Jingle Bells, boy, am I glad we went over it because there are parts that a slightly different from the regular one.  For example, the Oh is held for 3 beats instead of 1 and the intro is a bit longer than usual.  I also don't know the second verse very well.  All my singers will be going over it in the next couple of weeks.  This way, there will be enough students who know it to help the ones who don't.  I will also be there to help the students.  They will all have music too so it isn't like they will be in the dark about the song.

I am missing Mom a lot tonight.  I think it is because of the holiday coming up.  She made such a big deal about holidays.  She wouldn't allow any hint of Christmas before the day after Thanksgiving.  She also said that Thanksgiving deserves to have it's own day and not share it with the season of Christmas.  When I was small, we always dressed up for the dinner.  I only wore dresses until about 6th or 7th grade so Mom would make me special dresses for the holidays.  Christmas was always a Mother/Daughter dress.  I loved wearing dresses like my mom.  We kept up the tradition of dressing up until a few years ago when Mom became less aware of the Holidays.  I miss that tradition at times.  I miss having a nice dress that is similar to my mother's.  She was such a good seamstress.  I am good, but not as good as her. Her tailoring skills were awesome.  Momma made many suits for not only herself but for my brothers and the fit was amazing.  She also was the best at fittings.  her fittings were second to none.  I know if she had wanted to, she could have been a very important designer but that was not her dream.  Mom always said she loved sewing clothes for me because I got so excited about them.  I remember that too.  I cried the first time I had to buy store bought school clothes.  Anyways, I digress, I just miss her a lot tonight.  I am so thankful she was my mother.  Yes, we had some rough times, (doesn't everyone) and at times they were pretty bad, but overall, she did her best to raise us and stand by us whenever we needed her.  That is what a mother does, I think.  It is kind of funny because I don't remember too much of the bad stuff anymore.  It is amazing how that just fades away.  I am glad, I don't WANT to remember the bad times anymore.  I only want remember the good times.

I hope you are having a good day.  Pain wise, it is a normal type day.  My shoulder is a bit sore along with my left arm but that is really nothing new.  My shoulder has bursitis so this is normal for me.  My head is normal pain today so everything is pretty much the usual amount of pain.  I am just a bit more tired but not as tired as yesterday.

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