Friday, November 4, 2011

November 4

It has been a good day so far.  I am tired now, but since it is near 9 pm that would be normal.  Tomorrow I will have 2 lessons for the day, just Camille and Sandra.  Sunday has 2 lessons too plus church in the morning.  I will have time before the lessons to take a nap.  That will be very necessary since I have to get up so early for church.  This is the last week for Rick until January.  It should be a good lesson!

I went to Walmart this evening after Emily's lesson.  I checked out prices of Blue Ray players because right now pretty much a lot of the movies are coming out in blue ray combo packs.  That was how I had to buy the new Pirates movie.  I don't have a player and after checking out how much they are, it will be a rather long time until I get one.  They are about $100 or so and I don't have that kind of money to get one right now.  Perhaps next summer or fall I can get one.  I can save for one after I pay off the taxes.  I believe that this month I will again be able to pay $400 payment.  That will be awesome because if I keep this up, I will have the bill paid in full at the deadline and I will not lose the house.  So far, I am doing really good with it all.  I went in Walmart to pick up milk and bread, just milk and bread.  However, you know how it goes, you walk out with so much more (like 2 movies - Pirates and Winnie the Pooh, 6 soup cans - they were on sale, socks - I needed some, new Christmas lights for the tree - I only have 1/2 the tree with lights, and a few other items I can't think of at this time).  Next time, I will write a list and stay with it or I hope I will.  The only movie I plan to purchase now is the Harry Potter movie and that will be next Friday.  I am excited about this movie.  I love the Harry Potter stories so much.  Now when I see them, I remember how much Momma loved the Harry Potter movies  and books too.  When I had my blood clot, she came to visit me everyday and the first few days I was really in so much pain and I was so out of it.  Mom read to me and she read the first Harry Potter book.  She knew I had read it and how much I loved it, so she thought it would be good to read to me.  When the lady who was in the bed next to me went home, she came over to ask Mom what book she was reading and who it was by because she had to go buy so she would know what happened.  Mom and I chuckled together after that.  It took about 2 weeks to recover from the blood clot although after the blood clot I have had trouble with walking and standing.  It was as if the blood clot made the fibro and arthritis worse.  I don't know why, but I could no longer walk 1 to 2 miles a day.  I haven't been able to walk that much since then.  I try not to think about that because it upsets me.

Things are going pretty well for me.  I was so scared after Momma passed away.  I really was because I had never lived on my own.  I always had Mom because I never moved out.  I had opportunities to move out, I just never really wanted to.  Mom and I got along really well and so I never really wanted to go anywhere.  The furthest I moved was down the hall.  I always had the small room because I didn't have to share.  After my younger brother moved out, I joked with Mom that I could have the big room now.  We scrubbed the walls and steam cleaned the carpet.  When I came home that Saturday, I went to my room only to discover it was almost empty.  I called out to mom and asked what happened to my stuff.  She said go look in the other room.  I went and well, I had moved to the bigger room.  I was very excited.  When Andrew moved back in a few months later, he moved into my old room.  A few weeks later Andrew asked if he could have his room back.  Mom said no, it's Heather's room now.  He said okay.  I don't really think it fazed him what room he was in, but my old room is so apparent that it was a girls room at one time.  i had a purple rug with yellow walls.  The drapes are white with flowers on it and so was the bedspread.  I didn't have a lot of students, about 7 with 4 being once a month, 1 every other week and the others weekly.  However, within weeks of Momma passing away I began to get more students.  It has increased ever since.  The students I received from the online company in January have all quit since then.  Many were adults, some were temporary, and a couple were middle school students who supposedly quit for the summer but I haven't heard from them since.  I do still have almost everyone who started in the summer and a few not from the online company that are still with me.  It is working out very well.  We are all getting ready for our Christmas concert and some, competition.  I still miss Mom immensely and all the time but the fear isn't as bad.  It isn't as scary as it was a year ago at this time.  With time, I think it will improve.

I do hope you are having a good day too.

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