Wednesday, November 2, 2011

memories, light the corners of my mind

I am missing Mom so much these past few days.  I have memories coming to me a lot (happy ones though, not sad).  I just miss the little lady so much.  I am thankful though, that I have the good memories to think about and not bad memories to think about.  It is kind of funny, but I don't remember the bad times as much now that she is in Heaven.  I only really remember the good times with her like when we saw Amy Grant and she pretended that she forgot to go and get the tickets.  I had given her the money for the tickets the night before and she was supposed to go the next day while I was teaching.  When I came home, she said she forgot to go and we would go the next day.  I was really disappointed but I tried not to show it.  I figured she probably got caught up in a project and time slipped away.  That night she came in my room and asked me to help her get this paper out of her pockets.  I thought it was a really strange request (this was years and years before Alzheimer's) but I did it anyway.  I reached into her pocket and pulled out the paper.  It was Amy Grant tickets for her Christmas show.  Mom had gotten us 5th row main floor.  I asked her how because I had given her enough money for balcony.  She smiled and said she knew how much I love Amy Grant and pitched in the rest of the money for a Christmas Treat.  (Oh, and she was 2nd in line at the store.  She waited about 45 minutes before it opened so we would get good tickets)  We had a great time at the concert.  Michael W. Smith was there too.  This was very typical of my mother.

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  1. An Amy Grant Christmas concert had to be absolutely fantastic...I just love her! Her "baby,baby" song is one I have often dedicated to my daughter. Sweet post and lovely memory. Thanks for sharing it.