Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday 11-26

I just got a crazy phone number.  Apparently, I qualify for a $125 gift certificate because I use my bank card a lot in the last 6 months.  I don't carry cash as it manages to disappear way too fast.  However, once I got to the "supervisor" he wanted the expiration date of my card, and the actual card number although he called it something else.  I am not giving someone over the phone my card.  It makes me wonder how many will fall for this and give them the number.  It was very scary.  I hung up on him.  I did say, no thank, goodbye.  Really!  I mean oh my gosh!  The scams these people have today.  He kept calling it the legal description (I knew I would remember somehow) to make it sound like he didn't want the number but that is exactly what they wanted.  Wow, that was a clever scam, let me tell you.  It is frightening that many people would fall for this.  It is crazy.

On a better note, I spent mostly the entire day with Kathy and family.  I arrived shortly after noon and then we had lunch, which was so yummy, let me tell you!  Kathy's Mom is a great cook!  So anyways, Kathy, her family, and I chatted away during the lunch.  I think I ate too much, although I did do very well with the choices I made.  I ate lots of vegetables (and I don't mean the mashed potatoes).  The mixed vegetables were particularly yummy and so was the corn on the cob.  The turkey and dressing were very yummy too.  I like dark meat so that is what I had.  After lunch, I helped a bit with the clean up.  I tried to be as helpful as possible.  I collected all the plates and cutlery that were on the table and took them to Kathy who would put them in the dish washer.  Kathy and I chatted a bit while I drooled over his Nook color.  She has some really interesting books on there and she said some were free even!  I do want one.  Now there are 2 things I want, a Blue Ray player and a Nook Color although a regular Nook would be nice too.  I am not that picky.  Kathy and I went to see Breaking Dawn.  Now, I still have not seen Eclipse, but I will watch it this week.  Breaking Dawn was very good.  I was not sure about it because the first 1/2 of the book doesn't have too much action after the wedding, but it was really good.  The downside is that we have to wait another YEAR before part 2 comes out unlike the 2 parts of Harry Potter, which came out 6 months apart.  I wish they would do that with Breaking Dawn, but they aren't.  I will wait as it isn't like I have too much of a choice but to wait.  I know am going to re-read the entire series as soon as I finish the book I am reading right now.

It is such a cool thing to have a car in the garage!  I get a thrill down my spine every time I open or close it.  I am just so happy about putting my baby car in the garage!  (It is amazing how the little things in life can make you happy)  It will be especially nice for Sunday mornings when I have to be at church so early.  No more scraping the car windows in the morning before church.  After church, well, then it doesn't matter if the car is covered in snow.  I want to move the round, card table that is in the garage.  Come this winter it will get awfully dirty being in front of my car so I will move it during the day tomorrow.  I so love that my car is in the garage!  I really do!

I have a bit of a bad headache now.  It is on the right side of my head.  I woke up with it but I wasn't going to let it get me down.  It was better this afternoon after I took my pain pills, but now it is back.  I am resting mostly this evening anyway so it won't interfere with anything that I am doing.

I am going to be starting the sewing tomorrow afternoon in between lessons.  I brought down the material this morning when I came down the stairs.  I will bring up the rest of the material tomorrow afternoon.

I went to go and get my hair washed yesterday but the salon was closed.  It was also closed when I went to check after the movie.  I am going to be brave and try to do it myself.  My shoulder seems to be doing okay this weekend, so i will try.  I usually have the local salon do it because of my shoulder.  It is very difficult to wash my hair and dry my hair with one arm that won't reach but I have noticed that it isn't as difficult to lift these past few weeks.  After my last lesson, Rebecca, I will attempt to wash my hair.  We shall see how well it works!  If it does work, I won't need to go and get it done for me although I will admit that I do like having someone else doing it for me!  It makes me feel important and a queen!  Mom used to do it until about 7 months before she passed away.  It was just one more thing to find another way to do myself or find another person to do it.  When I started getting it done, it was only $3 for the wash and the dry, now it is $10.  I think it is worth it.

The American Girl Place in Chicago commercial is on right now.  I can't wait for Kathy's girls to get into American Girl stuff.  I have been the store in Chicago about 2 or 3 days after it opened.  It was very busy that day but it was worth looking at.  I am hoping that if Kathy ever takes the girls, then I will go with them.  I love the American Girl stuff.  I used to get Samantha and Celia American Girl stuff when they were small.  They are my cousins.  Now they are 22 and 25 years old.  they grew entirely way to fast.  Celia is a parent now.  She has 2 small children, 5 and 3 (around at that age I think).

I forgot to gather the DVDs, books, and games that are going to Kathy.  I am loaning her some books and I am giving her the DVDs and games but I forgot to get them together yesterday.  I will give them to her at Christmas.  That will be the next time I see her, I think.

I do hope you have had a good day.  I sure did.  Pain level, while a bit higher than usual, didn't interfere with the day like sometimes it does.

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