Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday 11-19

I had my new, temporary student this afternoon.  Her name is Julian and she is very nice.  She is in 11th grade and they are doing "Mulan Jr."  I had no idea that Mulan the movie had been made into a stage musical but I now know that they did.  We worked on 3 songs that she needs.  We will work more on December 3 when she has her second lesson.  I really liked this young lady a lot.  Camille had her lesson too and she graciously switched her lesson to Sunday next weekend so that I can spend the day with Kathy and family.  Her parents are celebrating Thanksgiving on Saturday since Kathy and her family will be at Tony's family's house.  I do enjoy spending time with Kathy's parents, because they are so nice and they have known me pretty much as long as Kathy has.  I am excited to spend time with Kathy next weekend.  It should be a good time.

I am pretty tired tonight, which is a good thing because I do have to get up early for church tomorrow.  I don't know which song we are singing or where we are singing, but that is okay, I will find out tomorrow.  I also want to get up a bit earlier than I did last week because I need to have breakfast before I go to church.  I almost passed out at church and I think it was because I didn't have a good enough breakfast.  I will fix that tomorrow morning.  As much as I don't like eating right away when I get up, I will need to do this on Sundays so that my tummy is full and no chance of lightheadedness.  That is a bad thing.  We are under hot lights so it is important that I eat a good meal.  I will stop and get my diet coke to bring to church with me.  I won't be singing at the other services because I am teaching lessons tomorrow (make ups) so I will need a nap before teaching.

Because I am so tired, I think I will head for bed rather shortly instead of the usual closer to midnight time.  I am thankful I am tired now because then I should have a better sheep tonight than I usually do on a Saturday night.

Choir is going well.  Sometimes it is hard to focus on a song when we have been rehearsing it for a while, but mostly his timing for working on songs works well with my hard time to concentrate.  I don't have to memorize anything because we use the music.  This is a good thing as my memory is not good for memorizing anymore.  For the rest of the music we sing with the congregation there are words up on screens so that is a good thing.  I usually look at the screen to the left of me because it is easier than the one in front of me.  I am looking forward to next week with lessons, Thanksgiving Day, Jennie, Kathy and family.  Kathy and I are also going to see "Breaking Dawn" on Saturday late afternoon early evening.  I need to watch "Eclipse" first though.  I think I may re-watch the first and second Twilight movies and then watch "Eclipse".  That would get me ready for the new movie.  I wonder if the Muglia girls will ever like "Twilight" books or movies.  They haven't seen or read them so I am not sure.  They make fun of them every so often and when they do I like to point out to them they haven't read them so how would they know what they are like?  I figure next summer I will loan them my Twilight books.  They will be 15 and 16 years old at that time so plenty old enough to ready the young adult books.  I enjoyed them.  They are an easy read.  Are they as good as Harry Potter?  No, but what is as good.  Harry Potter books are amazingly written books and nothing can compare except maybe Anne of Green Gables although Anne's action scenes are way different that Harry's.  She also doesn't have the good against evil thing but they are still really good books.

I do hope you are having a good day!

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