Thursday, November 10, 2011

Choir Practice Day

Thursday is choir practice.  I am getting my own folder number next week!  I have the new person number right now so I get my own number now.  It is a cool thing.  We worked really hard tonight on 3 pieces that we are going to sing in the next three weeks.  The choir stood quite a bit of the time.  I don't because I can't stand very long.  In church I sit on a stool because I can't stand for all that time.  I don't think I could even stand long enough to sing the song.  It just hurts to much.

My bad headache that I have had most of the day is a bit better, but not too much yet.  I do hope that by morning it is down to its normal headache.  I am not as tired as usual right now but I am sure shortly I will be.  I tried to take a nap this evening because I was so tired, but I couldn't sleep.  This was in between teaching and choir.  I had my three B's today: Breanna, Brianne, and Brooke.  All 3 are doing so well.  Brooke has one of her Christmas songs almost down pat and close to the second.  Brianne is struggling a bit with hers.  We may have to edit her songs a bit.  Both are 4 pages and difficult left hands.  We will see how she is doing next week.  We have reschedule Brianne and Brooke's lessons for Thanksgiving Day.  Breanna is checking her schedule for a reschedule that week too.  Breanna has switched one of her vocal pieces for Christmas.  She is trying to learn the guitar part but we have a CD if she doesn't.  Her piano is doing very well today.  I loaned her the new theory game CD for the computer.  She and I tried it while she was here for her lesson.  She loved it.  Breanna also thinks her nephews are going to like it too.  I think so.  They always want to be with her and do what she is doing.  Breanna got a new piano this past weekend.  She got a Yamaha baby grand piano.  It is beautiful and she loves it.  I would too but there is no room in my living room for a baby grand.  I like the pianos that I have so I am satisfied.  I am glad she loves it and wants to practice more.  She is a good musician.

I have not cleared the table like I wanted to this week.  Hayley is supposed to stop by tomorrow before I go to tea with Wendy.  I am so glad to see Hayley, but I also am glad to see Wendy.  Then I will have a couple of lessons before resting for the rest of the night.  I only have Camille on Saturday and Beth on Sunday after the after church nap.  I am going to use Sunday and Saturday for resting a lot since I have been so extra tired this week.  I will also do a bit of housework.  I have to clean the bathrooms.  That doesn't take too long and I rest in between the bathrooms.  I did part of the downstairs bathroom this evening.  I will do the other part on Saturday and the other bathroom then too.  I will clear the music off the dining room table on Sunday now that I don't need it anymore.  I will put the original CDs in the living room so I will have them when I make the CD for the concert.  This makes it easier for Bill who runs the sound.

I am watching Project Accessory and it is kind of interesting.  Some of the designs these people come up is crazy, simply crazy.  I wouldn't wear most of them.  This one model's hair was so insane.  It was a mohawk type thing.  Who would wear their hair like that.  One has a belt on the model hung down between her legs.  It was insane.  Just simply insane.  There are some that are nice.

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