Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Some progress being made!

Julie came over this morning (yes, I mean the real morning, not after 12 noon) to help me with the family room.  We are making good progress.  Sometime this week, I am to go downstairs and start separate the books that I want from the ones that I don't.  I can do this.  There are a lot books down there.  I also found some nice Disney ornaments that I am putting on the tree this year and those that don't fit on the tree will be used next week.  This year, I am going to have the little one upstairs, but next year, I will put the little one on the fireplace or the sewing table and then buy a new, bigger tree for the living room.  In the spring we will go up to the attic and pull down what is up there and go through it.  I know there are a lot of Christmas boxes up there as well as two trees that I don't think are in good shape.  I could be wrong, but I won't know until we look at them next spring.  So we have designated some stuff to go to Kathy (2 boxes full of games for the kids, 2 that have never even been opened) and then some for donation in general as well as stuff to toss.  We have space on the floor that we haven't had in a long time.  I am very excited about that.  Once the books are out of the way and I know what I am keeping, then we will bring the bookshelf in the living room back downstairs where I like it.  the little bookshelf that was in the family room will go in the living room for the games.  i also found some Christmas Beanie Babies I didn't remember i had as well as this beautiful precious moment statue.  It is of Joseph as a shepherd.  It is wonderful.  We also found a Bambi Christmas Snow globe.  Lots of treasures found today.  It was very exciting.  I now can't wait to decorate the tree.  If they have time on Saturday, Ross and Julie will come over and then we can take some of the bar stools to the donation place.  I don't want them and I tried to sell them, but no one wanted them so that is okay, I will donate them.  They are in very good condition.  We also have craft and sewing things on the shelf unit on the round table side.  That is the craft room.  It is so nice to see the crafts and materials on the shelves.  It makes me smile because our room is getting back to normal and that is good.  The only thing I need to do in the family room with the lamps is see about getting new lampshades.  The old was are ripped a bit from childhood so that needs to be fixed.  We are starting with the family room, the working our way up the stairs.  Some of the dining room will be taken care of because the DVDs and the books will be going back downstairs where I like them as well as the tools that are sitting behind me.  I now have a tool box to put them in again.  I am very glad about that.

I am really exhausted tonight.  I will be heading to bed rather early with hopes that I will actually sleep.  I didn't sleep very well last night at all.  I don't know why, but I couldn't sleep and then I had nightmares in the morning before I woke up.  I hope tonight is not a repeat.  I don't think it will be, but I will pray that I won't anyways.  A little pray certainly can't hurt the situation.  One little chuckle we had this morning.  Julie found my etiquette book (one of several) and she opened to a page that said what to do in a certain situation, well I have a relative who is in that situation and I found it funny because Miss Manners says to avoid this situation at all costs!  We both chuckled at that one.  It was pretty funny.  I bought the books so I would be up on proper etiquette for email, messaging, and things like that.  I wanted my employees to be well mannered so that we all could get through any situation that arose.  It didn't actually always work, but I did get some of my points across.  A couple I bought because they were humorous books about etiquette, called "The Etiquette Grls" with the i purposely missing.  They were really funny and very helpful.  Mom and I enjoyed them.

I do hope you are having a good day.  The progress we made was wonderful although I should point out Julie did most of the work as I can't stand very well or go up and down stairs very well, not too mention walk very far.  I so appreciate her help with this project.

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