Sunday, November 6, 2011

Time Change

Did I mention I had the time changing?  Hmm, I must not of, anyways, I hate the time changing.  It wrecks havoc all over my already bad sleep habits.  Last night I diligently set all the clocks back.  Only, I forgot to check the am and the pm on my alarm clock so it was set wrong and well, I missed church.  I don't have any lessons after all today because Rick cancelled and Katie is coming tomorrow instead of today, which works out just fine.  Whatever works for them, generally works for me.  I won't see Rick now until the 2nd Sunday in January.  He is heading to Hawaii for a month and then on to India for several weeks.  After that is the holidays (if he is even back at that time) and then, I will see him on the second Sunday in January.  It is really weird to think that January isn't that far ahead, even weirder is the holidays.  I mean, didn't we just end September?  It seems this way that is for sure.

I am super exhausted today for some unknown reason.  I got up rather late and then went to take about an hour nap.  I am still super tired.  I foresee going to bed rather early tonight.

It will be the usual busy type week with lessons and students getting ready for the Christmas concert (it is a month from today away!)  I will also get to see my friend, Jennie for lunch on Wednesday.  I am super excited about that.  I was supposed to see Wendy last Friday, but had to change at the last minute so I am hoping possibly this Friday if it works for her.  Nothing like hanging out with two friends in one week.  Tomorrow I need to copy some more music for Isaac for voice.  He is having his second lesson.  He is such a nice young man.  He plays piano too.  I will have 5 (2 for Isaac) lessons tomorrow.  Bob will have his usual lesson and Katie and Laith will have make up lessons.  This will be great.  I like being busy for lessons.  Rachel will have her lesson on Wednesday instead of Monday because Grandma is in California right now so Rachel's mom will need to bring the lovely young lady.  This will make 3 lessons on Wednesday instead of 2.  I like that.  Tuesday only has the regular 2 right now.  In a few weeks, I will have a new one on Wednesday.  That will be nice.  He is 5 and starting piano.  I did call his mom but I left a message.  I will have to try again tomorrow because maybe they are going this weekend.  Anyways, I will somehow get a hold of her.  I need to let her know about the books he needs.  I will pick them up but she will need to pay me back for them.  Only once this summer did I not get paid back for the books so I want to make sure she knows she needs to pay for the books too.  Usually, the parents don't have a problem with paying me back, but once in a while they don't and that is bad.

Not too much going on today.  I called Kathy and talked to her for a bit.  She didn't have a long time to talk because she needed to pick up Matthew from church.  He is being confirmed this year.  I vaguely remember being confirmed.  We were in 6th grade, although now they confirm children at our old church in 8th grade.  At Kathy's church it is the 8th grade too.  I vaguely remember we went on a few retreats for confirmation and we visited several other churches.  I remember we went to a Bar Mitzvah, a Catholic church, another non-Christian church but I can't remember which one.  I just remember we all took our shoes off inside of it.  It was also very pretty inside.  I have a picture on my computer of Mom, Andrew, Richard, and I at my confirmation.  Andrew was confirmed the year after me.  (Since he is a year younger than me, this makes perfect sense).  I think he liked it too.  We had the coolest associate pastor at that time.  His name now escapes me.  He came back a couple of years ago to be the senior pastor at our church but he has since moved on.  I don't really know who is the ministers at my old church these days.  Back then, Andrew and I rarely missed church.  We had the coolest Sunday school teacher, Mr. Weaver.  We really liked him.  I was in the youth group for about one year.  The second year it was more of a bible study and I wasn't too interested in that so I didn't go very often plus I was rather busy.  It was hard to fit it in.

I have to go and pay a few bills now.  It is that time of the month!  Bills like to be paid, that is for sure!

I hope you are having a good day and are staying nice and toasty warm!

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