Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another Tuesday 2-28

Tomorrow is Leap Day!  It is also the birthday of a composer.  I just don't remember which one!  Some musician I am.  I really don't remember.  I wonder if I can look it up.  Be right back.  It was Rossino, the composer of the Barber of Seville.  I should have remembered that but I didn't.  Music History was 20 years ago and it wasn't exactly my best subject either.

It is NCIS and Dance Moms night.  I found out that several of my facebook friends like Dance Moms.  Yesterday, I had to hide one of my facebook friends posts.  I just couldn't take them anymore.  There are always negative and nothing, I mean nothing, is ever her fault, her kids fault, her sisters fault, or anyone she knows fault.  I know she is having some problems, but some of the things she posts are really inappropriate.  I just hid them all so I won't have to see any of the inappropriate things again.  I like the option of being able to hide some posts if you don't want to see them.  Over all, I like facebook a lot.  I check it once a day so I know what is going on.

I had a lot of absences today.  Just as I expected, Lindsey didn't show for her lesson.  I marked her as a missed lesson.  Today would have been her last lesson.  Sam was absent.  I don't think he is feeling very well today.  His brother won't have a lesson tomorrow because his mom doesn't have anyone to watch the other two boys.  Charlie was also absent.  For the first time, he actually forgot to call me and let me know.  I asked if he wanted to come Thursday or do an hour next week.  He will let me know.

My friend, Jennie is coming over tomorrow to help with a few things.  One, putting up the drapes and curtains in Mom's room and taking some boxes downstairs in the furnace room.  I am thankful for the help.  There are just a few small things that I can't do by myself to have Jennie come and help is great.  This spring, Tony and Kathy are coming to go through the attic and see what is up there.  I know there is some camping gear and some toys along with some Christmas decorations.  Some of the decorations I want, and some I don't.  There are some really cute decorations that Mom had that I want.  I don't want the trees that are up there because they are old and falling apart.  I am hoping to get a new tree for the living room next year.  I just want a slightly bigger one than the one I have.  After we do the drapes and boxes we will go to lunch.  It should be a fun time as well as getting some jobs done around the house that I need help with.

One of my friends has a 6 cm mass on her brain.  It is in the frontal lobe.  She is married to a classmate of mine.  She and I went to college together.  She was in the same music fraternity as I was in.  As a matter fact, she was my big sister when I was a pledge.  I met Kelly in my 2nd semester at Wayne State University.  We were in the same Music History class.  We sat near each other.  Kelly is one of the nicest people you could ever meet.  I hope that the mass is either able to be removed or shrunk into nothing.  She and Greg have 3 (I think) children and they are not adults yet.  They need their Mom and Greg needs his wife.  We are all praying for her and the rest of the family.

There is a wrap up meeting about competition in March.  These meetings are not always well attended by other teachers but the board of directors.  I am glad competition is over for the year.  We had some real problems this year with how some things were done.  I was actually at the point where I didn't really want to go.  I really didn't.  I didn't want to participate at all but I did and I am glad it is over.  I know that the problems we had won't happen again because next year I will be doing a different job.  That makes me rather happy.  I also decided I have no desire to ever be president.  I know some teachers do wish to be, I am just not one of them.  I like being the assistant secretary/treasurer.  That works for me.

We are supposed to be getting snow, freezing rain, and sleet sometime between tonight and tomorrow.  If Jennie's kids don't have school tomorrow, we will have to reschedule our visit.  She just messaged me.    If we have to reschedule, we will.  It isn't a problem.  The temperature is supposed to be about 50 degrees by the afternoon tomorrow.  This winter has been a really warm one.  I can't say that I am upset over it because I don't ache as much as I usually do in the winter.  Especially when I am out of pain pills.  I will be calling the doctor tomorrow to refill the medicine.

I missed my bi-weekly blood test this afternoon.  I thought I was resetting the alarm, but apparently, I didn't so I slept right through it.  I was just so exhausted.  It was more than usual.  I think I should be okay tonight though.  I am getting up a bit earlier than usual because Jennie is possibly coming over.  She will call around 10 to let me know if she is coming or not.  If she doesn't come, I will see if I can go and get the blood test then otherwise I will reschedule it for next week.

I paid a small payment on the 2011 property taxes this after noon.  Starting on March 1, the back taxes from 2011 will go to the county.  At this point, I am a month behind in my 2011 tax payment schedule that I set for myself.  I will be opening a savings account this month to save for property taxes.  I should be getting a letter from the county about the taxes in June with the totals of how much I owe.  Once I get the letter I plan to send in the money that I have saved and then begin sending in payments every month.  So far, I am learning how to stay on a budget and stick to it.  I doing okay.  I am also working on being thrifty and not use credit cards as a means of additional income.  I am not perfect on the credit cards and I must admit there are times I have used them when I shouldn't have.  They are meant for emergencies only and well, 2 of them have not been used for just emergencies.  I have bought teaching music with them as well as food, both at the grocery store and at restaurants.  Yes, I need to improve my credit score, but I have not been doing the "pay off the balance at the end of the month" plan like I wanted to do.  It is something that I am going to continue to work on this year.  This year, I chose to work on my money issues.  It is something I will work on everyday until I am at a point where I am as good as my mother was at this.  My mother had very little wants, material-wise.  She was more into relationships with people.  She did collect a few things, but over all she would rather save her money and see the world.  She was an adventurer and she took us on her adventures.  When we would go on vacation, we saw as much as we could in that area because you never know when you would be there again.  By the time we came home from a vacation, you needed a restful vacation to recover from it.  I have seen many places with her both as a child and as an adult.  Mom also loved to take us camping.  Believe or not, this girly girl who hates to get dirty, LOVES camping.  I just can't do tenting anymore.  I would have to stay at a cabin because I can't sleep on the ground anymore.  It just hurts too much now so my camping is often done in hotels these days.  I used to take my 2 cousins (when they were young) Celia and Samantha camping in the summer.  Then I got too sick to go and they moved to Niagara and we stopped going.  Perhaps one day I will be able to go again.  You never know.

I do hope you are having a good day.  I am looking forward to tomorrow with my friend, Jennie.


  1. Isn't it also called "Sadie Hawkins" day? I think that in the way back this day was one set aside for women to ask men to marry. It was the only acceptable time. All the men probably stayed home that day!

  2. I like to come by and listen to your stories. I guess if we were born on Leap Year we would really be youthful and young! Ha Ha! Alway a pleasure to see you here. Take care Anne