Thursday, February 16, 2012


I love this show.  I didn't know it was on TVland but it is.  I know it runs on lots of stations.  It is such a good show.  I think I have seen every single episode.  I remember when it ended.  I was in high school and we had a band event that night.  We were all really bummed about it.  Fortunately, it was right around the time VCRs came out so several parents taped the show to make sure we would be able to watch it during band the following day.  That was how we spent the next band class, watching MASH.  We all laughed a lot.

It has been a nice day.  The weather is warm so the pain is not as much when it is super cold.  Peter and Carolyn came over for a few minutes to help put my scooter in the trunk of my car.  I did let them each have a couple of turns riding it.  It works beautifully now that the batteries have been changed.  Both of them love riding my scooter.  They now want one.  I am glad I have one although I am NOT glad that I need one.  I use it not only because of the Fibro, but also because of the arthritis.  I have arthritis in my lower back and hips as well as my hands.  I am not sure where else but definitely in those places.  So between the two, my walking is not super good.  I can't walk for any amount of distance, which saddens me because I used to go for a 2 to 3 mile walk every day.  I would put my headphones to my CD player on  and listen to the CDs I made just for walking.  Now I use my elliptical machine as much as I can.  (I think I am up to a few minutes now - but it is a start).

I can't wait to see Kathy tomorrow.  I will also see her Saturday night.  I am very excited about this.  We will have a really good time.  No, we are NOT going to party.  Neither of us are party people.  We are going to go to lunch and then probably go back to her house and talk up a storm.  Saturday night we are most likely going to watch the extras on Harry Potter 7 part 2.  There is a special disc that only Target Stores were selling so each of us got the Target Harry Potter.  We are both BIG Harry Potter fans.  We will get the TV after we put the twins to bed.  I am so excited because I will get to spend some time with the twins and the boys as well as Kathy on Saturday night.  I am not bringing any games to play with her kids because I gave them most of them at Christmas.  I am glad that I did because they have such a good time playing them.  It makes me smile to see them have fun and play together.  Kathy and I played with the girls on Christmas Day.  That was such a good time to me and a wonderful memory.  It made my Christmas so nice when it had potential to be very sad.  I couldn't be sad with Kathy and her family.  Her parents are so nice too.  They have known me most of my life since Kathy and I have been friends since we were 3.  We met in church Sunday school.  We also went to the same schools, which really strengthened our friendship.  I am so thankful for our friendship.  We will most likely be friends till the end.  Then we will be in Heaven together.  I am so sure of that.

Project Runway is on now.  There was no choir practice tonight because we are doing combined services on Sunday so practice is on Saturday instead.  Carolyn told me but I did receive a phone call during my last lesson for the day.  Either way, I did get the message of no choir tonight.  A combined service will be interesting.  I attend the Traditional Service.  That is when choir sings.  We don't have any praise team for that service because of the choir.  The other 3 services are Contemporary Services with praise teams leading the singing.  During a combined service, all the praise teams and choir will sing together and each of the services will be exactly the same.  We do sing at all the services about once a month.  I haven't done one yet because I was sick for the first one of the year.  I really am enjoying the choir.  Because I can't stand very long or well, I sit on a stool.  I really wish I could reach the ground but I can't.  I am getting a stool made for me for that purpose.  They think it would be safer for me too and I agree.  I am glad that I tried this church.  While there are some things that are different, the message is very similar from what the church I grew up in is the same.  I really like this choir because there are some really good singers.  I am good, but there are singers who are better than me and it is nice to be one of the crowd, very nice.  It is a good change.  I like to be a member and not a lead member at this time in my life.  It really is a good thing.

I do hope you had a good day.


  1. Hi Heather. It is so nice to be able to read your daily blog again. When I returned to blogger to continue with my blog, it was gone. My husband got the blog back (I'm incompetent)but the blog list I follow was gone, as well as my picture. Now tonight, the blogs I follow are back and my picture, but my blog is gone. Are you having any trouble with Blogger?

    I'm so happy you have a wonderful friendship with Kathy and her are gifts for each other.

    Sounds like your lessons are going well. I hope you have a good week. Hugs