Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mid week! 2-22

I am slowly catching up on my sleep.  I didn't sleep as late as I did yesterday but I did sleep a bit later than usual.  I had a lot (for me) of students today.  3 were make ups from earlier in the week.  I am a bit extra tired but I was fine during the lessons.  My little ones (the twins) had their birthdays today.  They are officially 5 years old now and their sister will be officially 7 on Saturday.  I wished them all Happy Birthday.  I hope they have a good one.  Aubrey (the soon to be 7 year old) has no school this week as it is winter break for her school.  The schools around me have no school for the week.

I haven't gotten the brakes fixed yet.  I am going to take it in on Friday.  It is doing alright.  The grinding didn't happen today but I do know it needs to be taken in.  I just hope it isn't too expensive.  That is why I am taking it in before I lose the brakes.  That would not be good so I will take it in on Friday before teaching.

Seeing Kathy this past weekend was so awesome.  I am hoping that sometime in March she may be able to come for a couple of days.  I so miss her when I don't see her.  I had such a good time with her.  I also did enjoy seeing the kids on Saturday night.  The girls were watching some cute kid cartoons.  I didn't mind at all because I like kid cartoons.  After watching a few, it was time for them to go to bed.  On Sunday, they had new bunk beds to sleep in.  Tony picked them up from Kathy's parents.  Her parents are moving to a condo and there isn't room for them there.  Fortunately, it was just about time to move the girls into twin size beds from their toddler beds so the timing is great.  Tony went to pick them up and brought them home.  The girls are so excited about their new bedding.  They picked out their own.  Alicia's was mostly pink and Samantha's was different colored hearts.  They were very cute.  They are very excited to be sleeping in bunk beds.  I think one of the best sounds in the world is a child's laughter.  It is more than music to me.  I love when the girls giggle with me.  We have a good time.  After the girls went to bed, the boys went downstairs to play video games so Kathy and I had the TV to ourselves!  A miracle!  Poor Kathy, part of being a parent, I think, is to never get the TV for yourself.  I know my mother rarely did.  Fortunately, my mother, like Kathy, like the children shows and the family shows.  Mom, Andrew, Richard, and I would often snuggle on the sofas in the family room watching TV together.  On Saturday nights, Mom, Andrew, and I would watch the Love Boat and Fantasy Island.  We would either have popcorn or a float.  I no longer can have popcorn.  It upsets my tummy a few hours after eating it so I don't eat it anymore.  I do like floats though.  When I was small, regular pop upset my tummy (too much sugar does that too me) so when they invented diet coke Mom took me to a McDonald's to try some.  I really liked it and it doesn't bother my tummy!  When she would make my floats, I always had less ice cream than they did.  I didn't mind because I knew if I had the same amount I would have major tummy pain that night which would mean no sleep for mom or me.  Mom was so very careful with what I could have and what would upset my tummy.  Little did we know that when I was a baby she was right, my tummy does not digest properly.  She asked a doctor about that but they dismissed them.  Well, when I was in the hospital in 2008, the doctor said that my tummy does not digest properly.  Mom was shocked and told Dr. T that she had asked about that when I was a baby.  He said, you were right.  I take reglan to help digest my food.  It also helps with my constant upset tummy.  Until reglan, I would have upset tummies at least 4 to 6 times a week.  Yes, I do have IBS, but this is above and beyond what my IBS is like.

Anyways, I would like Kathy to come and see me next month.  If not, I will see her (most likely) at Easter.  Easter Sunday is also my birthday.  I will be 44 years old.  It seems kind of strange to soon to be 44.  It seemed so old when I was a teenager, but now it seems young.  Strange how time does that to a person.

I did not wake up with a bad headache today, just the normal headache.  However, I have a bad one now.  I took some medicine some I am hoping it will go back to normal by bed time.

I have to come up with a book for Maggie and I to read.  I did buy a new one that Star suggested, but I haven't started it yet.  There was one I wanted her to read but I can't remember what it was about at this point.  I loaned it to Kathy so I can't re-read it right now.  I figure that once Kathy reads it and I get it back, then Maggie and I can discuss it at that point.  I am not in a hurry to get it back.  I wanted to get the new Kristin Hannah book but I haven't ordered it yet.  I need to do that.  I just ordered it along with a Danielle Steel book.  I like Danielle Steel a lot too but Kristin Hannah is one of my favorite authors.  My absolutely favorite author is LM Montgomery, next is JK Rowlings.  Both are such great authors and their books are so amazing.

Well, it is time to end this post and read for a bit before bed.  I do hope you had a good day.

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