Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A definite Brain Fog Moment 2-13 and 2-14

Talking about Brian Fog!  I started this yesterday and totally forgot I started it!!!!!

It is the day before Valentine's Day.  I actually like Valentine's Day despite being single.  I wrote out the Valentine's for my students on Friday.  So far, I am remembering to pass them out.  One never knows with me because I forget things so easy with this lovely Brain Fog I get.  It can get so frustrating!  I have two cousins who joke around about Brain Fog but they don't understand how it can really impact my life and those of us who truly have it.  It is no laughing matter and it really bothers me that they do this like it is some kind of joke.  I think it is just rude that they do that.

Okay,  now it is Valentine's Day!  Happy Valentine's Day!!!  I hope it is a great one for everyone!  So far, it has been a very good day for me.  With the exception of my first lesson (she didn't show up), all did very well.  I just emailed her mom to find out why she was absent again.  I am really tired of her just not showing up.  A phone call would be really nice or an email saying that she won't be here.  That would have been nice.  The rest of the lessons were good.  I already knew that Charlie would be absent because he told me last week.  Next week he will have an hour lesson to make up for this week.

Since it is Tuesday, it is NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles night.  NCIS is on right now and it is a good one. I love these shows a lot.  It was one of the shows that Mom didn't get scared of.  Of course, I didn't turn it on in the fall just in case but if we accidentally watched it, she wasn't scared of it.  It is kind of weird, but hey, if she wasn't scared that was a good thing.  This was a really good episode of NCIS.  I would highly recommend this show to those who like crime type dramas.  It is NOT for young children, that is for sure, but it is a good show.  I would not say this is a good family show because unless you have older teens, I wouldn't want younger people watching it.  I like that the good guys always win.

NCIS Los Angeles is on and so is Dance Moms.  I switched to Dance Moms because tomorrow I can watch NCIS Los Angeles.  There aren't that many episodes of the Dance Moms left so then I will be exclusive with the NCIS shows.  I find Dance Moms rather entertaining.  I really like how the kids dance though.  They are unusually talented girls for their age.  Of course, they dance 4 to 6 hours a night at least 5 days a week, which would certainly improve any dancer.  They are very flexible too.  It does make me miss dance.  I had to quit at 23 because of the pain.  I didn't know at that time it was Fibro.  I just knew that I couldn't handle the pain anymore.  It was getting super bad at that point.  Also at that time, the dance studio I danced and taught at was closing.  If it wasn't for the pain, I could have found another studio to work at but it just hurt so bad.  The one thing I do regret though, is the fact that I didn't replace the exercise I was getting with another form of exercise.  I gained a lot of weight after I quit dancing.  It was definitely not a good thing on that.  Now I struggle with exercise and the pain.  I am working on it though, a little bit at a time.  Some day I will be able to do more than I can now.  I am sure of it.  It won't be the 4 to 6 hours of dancing I did, but maybe 20 minutes of the elliptical machine.  I can only hope.

It has been a good day.  Pain-wise, well, I have a bad headache now but I hope it won't keep me from sleeping tonight.  It is hard to say.  I do hope you are having a good Valentine's Day!

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  1. Brain fog can be so debilitating! Glad you had a good Valentine's Day :)