Thursday, February 23, 2012

dizzy day!!!! along with some brain fog 2-23

I woke up dizzy again today.  I don't know why I was dizzy, I just was.  I didn't wake up with a bad headache, just the normal one but I have a bigger headache tonight.  I actually missed choir practice because of it.  I just couldn't go and sing, not tonight.  I hope to be better on Sunday.  I am not sure what song we are singing on Sunday, but that is okay.  I will figure it out.  Carolyn will pick up any new music for me if we get some.  She is such a nice girl.

I was looking online for some books that I saw at competition.  I am not going to be purchasing them because many of the songs I have in other books.  The other songs are not songs I like or they are unfamiliar to me.  So far, I am just wanting one other book, the Kids' musical theatre collection vol 1.  I have volume 2.  There are a couple of songs I like that I don't have in other books or if I do, I don't have a CD to go with it and now I did.

I am very tired tonight, much more so than usual.  I will probably go to bed in a bit, earlier than usual but I don't mind.  Anytime I get to sleep works for me.  I just hope I sleep.  Tomorrow I am taking my car in to be fixed.  I do hope it is not very expensive.  We shall see tomorrow!

Well, I am so tired so I am going to watch the rest of the show I am watching and then head for bed!  I hope you have a good day!

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  1. Heather, I'm starting to feel worried about your headaches and dizziness. Is there something you can take for it? I use zofran and it help alot but you should check with the doctor and see what's going on. get some rest.