Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Slowly getting better 2-1

I am slowly getting better after a few days of being down and out.  I DID teach lessons today.  I am glad that I was able to teach today.  I had my Muglia girls and Bob as well as my usual few.  I think it was a good day all around.  Yes, I am very tired.  I will go to bed early again tonight.  I did sleep okay last night. I didn't wake up as many times to blow my nose as I did the other nights.  I think I will be up for a movie on Sunday with my girls!  "Beauty and the Beast" here we come!  (As long as it is still playing!)  The girls did well in their lessons.  I was surprised (a nice on though!) that the three older girls picked to play a classical piece as a part of their assignment.  They like all types of music and that makes me happy.  They like classical and don't mind playing it, they actually like playing the classical stuff.  They play it beautifully too.  Right now the twins are playing a Sonatina by Clementi.  It was kind of funny that they both picked the same piece.  It just spoke to them.  The other picked a different Sonatina by Spindler.  Both Sonatinas that they picked are some of my favorite.  I just love Clementi's music so much.  His sonatinas are simply wonderful.  My girls are going to come over in the next few weeks and help me file away my music.  I so need some help with this.  I am drowning in the music that needs to be put away.

I have several absences tomorrow.  Breanna is still very ill so she won't be here.  Brooke is in Disney World with the dance team at her school.  They are competing in the Nationals.  I am so excited for her.  Her sister, Brianne has a basketball game so basically, they are all absent.  I have choir practice tomorrow.  I hope my voice is up with it tomorrow.  I guess I will just have to wait and see!

I had sent a check yesterday for my luncheon ticket.  Silly me, I don't have to pay for that since I am on the Board of Directors.  Pattie called to let me know and also to see if I would like to sit with her at the luncheon as i have no one else going to the luncheon.  I said yes and also told her to shred the check.  I voided it out from my check book.

Oh, Sunday is the Superbowl.  Hm, you sure can tell I pay attention to football.  I wonder if this means the movie theatre will be less busy?  One never knows.  I am not sure that the movie is even playing still.  I will check right now.  Yes it is still playing.  It is playing more times at the Theatre near me and only a few times at the theatre near the girls.  I am not sure what one we will go to.  I will decide by Saturday where we shall see the movie.  Also, there is a Law and Order marathon on TNT Sunday.  wow, "Beauty and the Beast" and "Law and Order" marathon!  Great day for me!!!  Not to mention 2 lessons. Aaiyana and Rick.  Aaiyana is a make up from yesterday and Rick will have his regularly scheduled lesson.

I am really getting tired now.  I think I will read a bit and then go to bed.  I do hope you have a good evening and a good night's sleep!

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