Monday, February 6, 2012

Start of a new week 2-6

Mondays are nice in the Paxton household because it starts another musical week for me.  Outside of the extra tiredness, I am feeling back to normal, well, as normal as I can get!  The students did well today.  The new ones seem like they will stay or at least I hope so.  One is an adult and the other is a 10 year old girl.  the adult is learning piano and the 10 year old is a singer.  She has a nice voice and seemed to like the music I picked.  She brought a notebook and a binder like I requested.  I am almost out of page savers so I am going to need to pick some later this week.

I almost forgot to dry my clothes that I need for bedtime.  Silly me!  I did finally remember about 25 minutes ago.  I don't remember how long they take to dry though so I will be up until they are dry.

I am having the subdivision homeowners board of directors meeting here tomorrow.  I am rather excited about it.  I have pop and tea for people as well as some snacks, M & M's and pretzels.  That should be good.  I wanted to get some chex mix instead of pretzels, but they didn't have any so it is pretzels instead.  I have never hosted the meeting where people have actually come so we shall see if they come tomorrow.  In 2010, we were supposed to have a meeting at my house but no one came.  I was actually upset at the time, but that was a long time ago.  I know so far that at least 2 neighbors will be here.  I hope that we don't have tons of people here as I don't have that much room, but at least 3 or 4.

Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman is on right now.  I have every episode on DVD but still, I love this show.  Mom loved it too.  So far, I think the Hubel family like it too.  I have loaned them season 1.  I told them when they were done with season 1 to let me know and then I will loan them season 2.  This episode is where Dr. Quinn is pregnant.  I don't remember the exact happenings, but since all the episodes were good, i imagine this one will be too.  I remember watching this with Mom after we bought the DVDs.  Cloud Dancing has been injured in this episode.  I don't remember it too well.

Well, my clothes should be dried rather shortly, so I will get ready for bed.  I have a blood test tomorrow afternoon.  I have tried to drink a lot of water today.  I will drink some more before I go to bed.  I do hope you have had a good day!

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