Saturday, September 24, 2011

busy Saturday!

I am just waiting for Katie to arrive for her lesson.  That will be the 5th lesson of the day.  I haven't been this busy with lessons in months and I do like it.  I am getting hungry for dinner though.  I am going to make dinner after Katie's lesson.  I need to go to Walmart but I am going to go tomorrow.  I am just too tired to do it today after all these lessons and I have no lessons scheduled for tomorrow.

Sandra, a new student, she has had 2 lessons so far, is doing very well.  I really like her a lot.  Camille moved her lessons from Monday to Saturday because of homework schedule.  She has been getting so much homework on Mondays that trying to fit in piano lessons on that day just haven't worked at all.  She is doing very well.  She reads notes super well and is only having a bit of trouble with the new hand position today.  This is the first day she has actually struggled with a hand position.  By the time she left her lesson she seemed to have the new position down pat.  The problem was that this hand position is one note different from another so she was getting the two mixed up.  G was where F was and A was where G was and so forth so you can see how that would confuse a young lady like Miss Camille.  She is such a doll.  I simply adore all my students from the youngest of 5 to the retired gentleman.  They are all awesome and I am so glad I teach them all.  So far, the fall schedule is really shaping up well.  I may have a new student start not this week but next week on Thursday at 6 pm.  I believe it is piano.  I was notified by the online company about the potential new student.  That is pretty exciting, I think.

I am planning to go to the 25th class reunion next month.  It is on Homecoming Weekend.  There is the parade on Friday, the actual reunion on Saturday, and meeting at the Cider Mill on Sunday.  I am not going to march in the parade like a lot of the alumni are with the alumni float.  One - I could not walk that far and two - I don't know if my scooter would be able to keep up so I am just not going to do it.  I will meet some friends Friday night for dinner so that will be lots of fun.  I am actually looking forward to this reunion.  It is shocking to me because when I graduated high school, I was like, wow, I never have to see these people again and now I want to.  I think facebook has made the difference.  I am face book friends with so many of my classmates and we talk enough where I want to spend a evening with them.  It also helps that Kathy and her husband are going too.  If Kathy wasn't going, I may have decided not to go but my friend, Jennie is going too and so is Karlyn so I have several friends who are going to be there.  It shall be a good time.  Depending on my teaching schedule, I may or may not be able to make the Yates Cider Mill thing.  I will play that one by ear.  I am excited to see some people I haven't seen in well, 25 years.  I got to have lunch with my friend, Kathleen this summer and I hadn't seen her since high school.  She is married and has 4 children, the oldest is 20 and married, then 14, 3, and 1.  Yes, she started all over again!  Her children are wonderful and I really got a chance to see the littlest one, Gianna.  We had a good time, Gianna and I.  Kathleen has since moved back down to Florida so she isn't sure she will be able to come to the reunion although she has tickets.  I do hope that it works out for her so she can come.

I don't have any plans for tomorrow.  I should do the kitchen/dining room/utility room floors but I may ignore them and do them Monday although I have lots of lessons on Monday.  Hm, I better do them tomorrow.  I have been putting them off a little too long.  That is not a good idea.  Yup, I will do them tomorrow after I go to Walmart for my medicine.  I need to call in a refill for my meloxicam.  I better remember to do that tomorrow.  I also need to vacuum the stairs and hallway tomorrow.  Tomorrow would definitely be a good day for housework because then afterwards if I need to, I can lie down and rest or read in the dining room or living room.

Tomorrow also is the start of a new season of Home Make Overs or something like that on ABC.  It is a 2 hour premiere.  I like that show because the houses that these people live in are so dangerous and wow, in horrible shape.  They do all sorts of things in addition to the houses.  First they send the family on vacation, often to Disney World or some place like that, then they help with other things too.  For example, one family, the father was over in Iraq and the bank paid off his mortgage.  Another had a chronically ill child and CVS helped start a fund to pay for treatments so it is pretty cool what they do.  Tomorrow also starts the new show Pan Am, which sounds rather interesting.  I may stay awake long enough to check it out.  Tonight, I have no idea what I am going to watch.  I will probably flip channels until I find something fun to watch.

With 5 lessons, what could be better?

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