Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday 9/11

It has been a day of contradictions.  On one hand, remembering ALL those who have fallen since and including 9/11 and a day with family.  It puzzles me to no end how people can hate so easily.  I don't understand it at all.  I never have and I don't think I ever will.  How someone can hate someone for things like different religions, races, countries, etc.  I don't know.  We are all human, aren't we?  Doesn't that unite us in some small way?  I wonder if the world will ever get rid of the hatefulness that is in it.

I went and saw the Help this afternoon.  It was a good movie, pretty close to the book, surprisingly.  It was very well done and I did like it a lot.  There again, it is another example of looking at differences and treating people like they are less than human.  In the book, one of the main characters, Hilly, wants to have a law passed that every house that employs a maid have a separate bathroom for them because they are a different color.  I won't give away anymore of the plot, but this simply amazes me that people think this way.  The excuse was that we all have different diseases the two different races.  Wow, I know I was born around the time that the book and movie take place in, but my gosh, I don't understand this type of thinking.  I remember in grad school, I was working on a project with a woman in class and she asked me how many African-American students I had.  I actually had to pull out my schedule and count because I didn't know off hand.  I had students of all different races.  To me, they are all students.  I don't separate them.  I don't remember how many I had, but as one parent put it this past spring, I have a United Nations of students.  I had to think about that one too.  She was right.  I don't think like that.  I wasn't raised to think like that so I just don't understand the thinking that these people were doing.  However, it was good to see it because it shows what it was like.  I don't understand it and I guess I never will.  I am glad we are moving closer to a color blind society, but I wish we would get there much faster.

I did enjoy my day.  I saw the movie with Tillie.  I had spoke to her earlier in the week and she invited me over to go see the movie since we both wanted to see it.  She took me to lunch too.  It was a wonderful day overall visiting.  We had very nice chats and discussions.  I am glad I went.

I do hope your day was good too.

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  1. sounds like you had a nice albeit reflective day. I wasn't raised that way either but imagine if you were raised in hate, how would you have turned out?