Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday 9-13

I am so glad that next week will be the season premiere of NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles.  I can't wait as I love those two shows a lot.  Kathy is excited about Survivor starting up again.  I think she said that was tomorrow night?  I have never watched Survivor so I am not sure.  I am glad the new seasons are starting again.  It gives me something else to look forward to during the week.  I used to watch Law and Order SVU a lot.  I don't know if I will start watching that again or not.  I haven't seen in for the last few years because Mom was afraid of the show and then I forgot when it was on so I haven't watched it at all.  I like the show, but if I miss it, that is alright.  It is not a big deal.  NCIS, well, that is a big deal although once a month I will miss it because we have our subdivision meetings at the same time.  I can survive missing it once a month.  I had thought about getting a DVR but until those taxes are paid, nothing extra will be bought.  I have to be very serious with myself on this or I will find myself homeless and that will not be good.  That would be horrible.  So for the next 6 months, I am buckling down.  So far, it is going okay.  I have a lot of the monthly bills already paid for the month and it is only the 13th!  I have the hospital, 5 doctors, and the taxes left for the month.  I am so thankful for the new students.  The additional students have really made it much easier to pay the bills.  It is nice to be able to sit down and pay bills without wondering which ones have to stay unpaid.  I am planning to go grocery shopping with the lovely Calli this weekend.  I hate grocery shopping but I figure it was fun when Calli came with me to get groceries for the BBQ that maybe it will make it fun for regular shopping.  She loves grocery shopping.  I think taking an excited 11 year old should be an interesting trip.  We have about 2 places to go.  We also have to go to the hardware store for light bulbs.  I need some 40 watt and 60 watt regular light bulbs and then I also need some 25 watt chandelier light bulbs for the house.  I do need to go to Toys R Us sometime this week too because Emily just earned her first gift card.  With the addition of her birthday points, she has enough for a $10 gift card.

I only had 2 lessons today.  I had Aaiyanna and Charlie.  Aaiyanna had the beginnings of a cold.  The poor kid was trying to blow her nose but she had a cut in her nose that would hurt each time she went to blow.  I felt so bad for the young lady.  We talked about lifting the eyebrows while she is singing.  We couldn't work on breathing because of her cold.  We will take care of that at her next lesson.  She is such a cutie and a doll to work with.  Aaiyanna actually had 2 songs completely memorized.  Remember, she only received the music last week!  She had Castle on a Cloud and I'd Do Anything for You memorized.  She simply loves the songs.  I was really quite surprised by pleasantly so.  Charlie had an hour lesson because he had to miss last week.  I so love how he makes up lessons as opposed to skipping them all together.  We worked on some articulation, which is one of his main weaknesses, and then some other exercises that will strengthen his fingers when playing fast.  Overall, they both did really well with their lessons.  Tomorrow is just my new student, Allison.  She is 18 and wants to be a singer.  I am hopeful she likes what we will be learning.  I have to find out if she is planning to go to college for music or not. That will help shape what we will do in our lessons.  I am looking forward to the lesson.  Beth has rescheduled to Friday for this week because of a school activity tomorrow.  She is a 1st grade teacher.  I really like her a lot.  She works really hard.  Beth is interested in performing in Community Theatre.

I am tired as usual.  It is getting a bit late.  I am hoping that I will go to bed a bit early tonight since I am feeling a bit more tired than usual.  I got up a bit late too but I have been just so tired today.  The drastic change in temperature usually wipes me out.  We went from almost 100 to low 70s overnight.  Today was about 80 and tomorrow is supposed to be high 60s.  I am thankful for the cooler weather though.  I don't do as well in either really hot or really cold weather.  Yup, tomorrow will be a bit chillier than it has been.  I am thankful for the cooler weather.  I can breathe better then!

I do hope you are having a good day.

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  1. It's getting cold in Ireland, which means an increase in pain levels. I'm glad you got some extra students, everyone is suffering with the global downturn, it's really quite stressful.