Sunday, September 4, 2011

Jessie's Wedding Day

Jessie was a beautiful bride!  She looked simply beautiful.  Her dress was a sweetheart neckline with sparkles all over it.  Her sister, Katie was a bridesmaid and also look so beautiful!  I would love to tell you that I took a lot of pictures and can post them, but I can't.  I was so caught up in the service that I forgot I had a camera.  Yeah, wasn't that smart?  No, not really, but considering I have memory problems with Fibro Fog and doing more than one thing at a time is not something I am good at, I am not surprised.  Robin came with as Mike was ill.  She took some pictures with her phone so hopefully she will post them.  It was a lovely reception too.  We stayed until about 9:30 when Robin started getting a bit tired.  I was ready to go to because the dancing was starting and I usually leave about that time.  I was getting a bit of a bad headache at that point too so it was a good time to leave.  I saw Jessie and Katie's brother, Martin, as we left and told him to let her know it was a wonderful wedding and she and Katie looked beautiful.  I did get to talk to Katie so that was good.  I know Jessie knew I was there because she saw me at the church.  She had both her mom and dad walk her down the aisle.  That was really neat.  It was simply a great day all around.  It just was.  I even broke down and put some makeup on, foundation, eye shadow, and all.  Well as I was putting my eye shadow on, my brush broke.  Yeah, that was not fun but I got what I needed on.  Martin's girlfriend, Chelsea made all the cupcakes for the dessert table.  Boy, the one I had was amazing!  It was so good.  She is an incredible baker.  Martin is going to school to be a social worker, I had thought he was going for being a youth pastor, but I guess he changed his mind.  I think he will make a great social worker.  He plans to get his master's degree too.  He said with social work it is a necessity.  I am so proud of all three of them.  Katie is working on her Nurses Administration degree, Martin is for social work, and Jessie is getting a masters in English.  They all have grown up so well.  They are such good people too.

I ran into a couple of former students' Moms there too.  I actually expected that I would because I know they are friends of Jessie's parents.  It was nice catching up with them.  I knew a bit about the one mom because her daughter, Kelly Lynn is the teacher I loaned books to so she can look and figure out what she wants to do.  She took a big pile home with her and I told her she could borrow them for about a month.  Kelly was like, oh, I will only need them for about a week.  I knew a bit better on that and I knew it would take a bit for her to go through them all.  She is a brand new teacher who I also hope will take her students to Michigan Music Association Competition this winter.  We shall see!

I am very tired now and my legs and feet hurt as I don't have a good pair of dress shoes.  They hurt my feet but I didn't want to wear sneakers.  Maybe I should get a pair of black sneakers so no one will know I am wearing sneakers instead of dress shoes.  I also thought that maybe a pair of ballet slippers would work too.  I don't know.  I hope that by Christmas I will lose some weight and then maybe I can fit into an old pair of dress shoes.  My feet need to lose weight too.  I can only try.

I am going to get a book to read now while I relax before I head for bed.  It was such a wonderful day.  I had such a nice time at the wedding and the reception.  It was simply beautiful.

I do hope your day was as beautiful as mine!

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