Friday, September 2, 2011

Super Hot day

It feels like it is over 100 degrees today.  I am not happy about that but I hope it is the last of the really hot days.  I didn't go very far today but that is okay.  Tomorrow I have to pick up Jessie's Wedding gift and Wedding card along with some music books.  I was planning to go grocery shopping but since my lovely Calli wishes to go with me I will postpone it to next weekend.  She won't be home for the weekend.  It will work out just fine because I don't need to shop this weekend.  There is enough food for another week.  I just need some milk for the week.

I had Calli's and Acer's piano and voice lessons this afternoon.  Calli is learning Ave Maria for Christmas.  She is doing very well with it.  We just did the first 1/4 of the song.  Acer, I think, is also learning it a bit too.  He likes to sing every song that his sister learns.  I don't mind because it totally expands his musical education.  Acer learned a new piano song today too.  Sometimes he likes to only do 1/2 but with a song that is only 3 lines long, he learned the whole thing.  I think he was pleased with himself with the song.  He is now in the 2nd book in the piano series we use.  We used Alfred's basic piano series.  My younger students use the Alfred piano series for the younger student.  We had started Acer in that but he quickly out grew it.  We had a brief chat on what we would be doing this year.  He seemed happy with what direction we are heading too.  Calli and I talked about what happens when she finishes the lesson book she is in.  She was very happy about that.  Calli is very excited about moving out of the lessons books and into just regular songs for the piano.  The reason I don't use the lesson books after level 3 is because they will have excerpts of songs but not the whole thing.  For example, they will have the main theme of Fur Elise and I want her to learn the entire song.  She totally understood what I meant and is anxious to get to that point in piano.  Both kids do very well.  They have to have their lessons memorized when they leave my house and usually they do.  I do expect a bit more from Acer and Calli because they are so talented.  With the love of music that they have and the talent they have I will say, I do expect a bit more from them.  Acer and I did talk about what happens when I give him too much just like when that happened to Calli.  Both children know that occasionally I do give too much of an assignment.  I don't mean too, but it does happen.  They both now know that if that happens, they just let me know and play part of their lessons.  Calli had that happen to her this summer and we hadn't talked about what to do when that happens.  Now she knows.  I am very happy with their progress.

I don't have too many plans for the weekend.  I am going to go and get the music books I need for Monday and that is about it.  I have Rick's lesson and Jessie's wedding on Sunday.  Monday has lessons despite the fact it is a holiday.  I told the parents I was available if they wanted lessons.  Apparently, some of them do!  So that is awesome!

Next week is the first week of school for the rest of the kids.  It will be an exhausting week for some of them.  I always expect some absences the first week although this year it doesn't seem to have any.  I usually don't give such big assignments during the first few weeks.  With homework, the students have to find that balance of practicing and homework.  I am looking forward to another school year.

It has been a good day with the wonderful students and their Mom.  I am looking forward to a low key weekend with a few errands and lessons.  I do hope your day has been good.


  1. I hope you enjoy your weekend! You sound like a really conscientious teacher, I'm sure all your students love you.

    Enjoy the wedding!

  2. You really enjoy teaching don't you? I like the way you write aobut your students. They are certainly blessed to be under your wing. Take care Anne