Tuesday, September 27, 2011

is it a full moon or what?

What a day for lessons, or no lessons I should say.  My 3:30 and my 6:30 were not here.  They were no shows.  I have no idea why, but they were.  Apparently, the 6:30 did email the company to let them know they wouldn't be here, too bad no one told me.  I have called 2 times before I talked to takelessons and found out.  Then I talked to Brenda, my handsome Benjy and lovely Joiene's mom and made a mistake about what time they could switch too.  It has now been fixed so that is good.  Oh, and my Thursday, 7 pm guy, Logan, has quit.  I did talk to his Mom and she will be dropping off the books that I need back.  I am really bummed that he quit because he was really good.  Well, perhaps later this school year he will start up again.  It is hard to say.  So it has been one of those days.  Can I go back to bed and restart my day?

Tomorrow, Kelly Lynn is coming by at 3 to go over some competition stuff and concert stuff.  I need one of the books she had borrowed for Rebecca.  It is a book for Rebecca's classical category.  This is the first time she is doing the classical category.  We had a chat on Saturday about how she is going to be 11 so this is expected of her.  She will still be in the 10 year old category because she doesn't turn 11 until March, after competition but it is a big deal for the young lady.  This year she will be singing in 3 categories: Classical, Broadway, and Inspirational.  She has picked the Inspirational song already.  We are looking at different Broadway Songs and I will be looking this week for a classical song for her.  I am not sure who all is going to competition this year.  It is almost time to find out.

I was hoping to see Katie tomorrow but I haven't heard from her yet.  She is working on Thursday and out of town this weekend.  I just spoke to the lovely girl.  I will see her on Tuesday next week for lunch. We are meeting at 11 am.  I am very excited about that.  I haven't been able to spend a lot of time with her since she is so busy now.  Katie is an EMT who is about to take her Paramedic Exam.  She will be taking her Practical Exam this weekend.  I am so proud of her.  I really am.  I first met Katie when she was about 8 years old and she was in my homeschool choir.  She has a very nice voice and plays piano beautifully.  She also plays the clarinet too.  I don't know if Katie still teaches piano or not with her very busy schedule.  Katie is a wonderful teacher.  She is very kind and gentle with such an amazing spirit that totally helps her being a good teacher.  I DID get to see my lovely girl at her sister's, Jessie's wedding.  Katie looked beautiful just like her sister did.

Tonight is NCIS night.  It is a very strange case.  This girl pretends to be a high school.  She has been through high school about 4 times now.  Her most recent foster parents are planning to help her through this.  It is an interesting story, strange, but interesting.  All I know, is that I would NOT want to repeat high school for ANY reason.  I didn't like it at all and I don't think repeating it would make me like it even better the second time or a third time.  Now on to NCIS Los Angeles.  I do love these shows.  After  this one, I will go to bed or read for a while.

I am reading an interesting book by Lynn Austin.  She is a historical fiction writer.  So far the book is pretty good.  I have only just started it.  It is called Fire by Night.  It takes place at the beginning of the civil war at the first battle of bull run when the people of Washington were picnicking during the beginning of the battle and when the Union Army started to retreat, well, you can imagine what happened to all the spectators.  Quite frankly, a battle doesn't seem like a pleasant way to spend the afternoon.  The story has two main characters, Phoebe, a woman dressed as a man and joins the Union Army, and Julia who is a society lady who overhears the man she has set her sights on discuss how shallow, and selfish she and her friends are.  He also mentions that they can't seem to do anything by themselves or even for themselves.  This has caused Julia to do some major thinking about her life and her friends lives.  Thus the beginnings of two journeys in which sometime during the book, they must collide.  I know I have read this before about 6 to 7 years ago but I can't remember it at all.  I do remember that I really liked the other books by this author that I have read.  Emptying the drawer that was full of books sure was a good idea because I have found treasures that I haven't read in years.  I think because of the Fibro Fog that I get, I can't remember most of these books so it is like reading brand new books.  What a beautiful treat for me!

It seems to be a missing Mom a lot night for me.  I miss her all the time, but sometimes it is more intense than usual.  Tonight seems to be an intense night.  I would say it is because I had such a rough day with my students not showing up.  I do hope tomorrow is a better day for me.

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  1. There is absolutely nothing that would get me to return to high school again. It was not my favourite time either!
    Sounds like a good book to curl up with until sleepy time! Enjoy and have a better day tomorrow. Thinking of you!