Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday 9-22

I had 2 students this evening, Laith and Logan.  Laith is really doing well with reading his notes.  He is just jamming!  I am really pleased with the young man.  He even has notes he hasn't played yet.  Also, it is really weird, but the level B Christmas book is in a hand position they don't really learn until level C, but with his note reading ability, I am sure he will be fine unlike some of my others who aren't as strong in note reading as Laith.  Logan is doing well with his song.  We did some sight reading today too.  He is doing alright with sight reading, but not as quickly as he and I would like.  We did one hand at a time on the sight reading.  He is getting better with the ledger line notes too.  He is not confusing B, G, A in treble clef as he has been.  He also is doing better with his bass clef notes.  He flew through the flash cards.  Next week I am going to give him papers that have the ledger lines above and below the staff.  Overall, I am pleased with how my students are doing.  I really am.

Tomorrow I am meeting with Diane to discuss competition since I missed the meeting.  I just notice from reading the minutes that Georgette wasn't there.  Hm, I will have to find out why.  She wasn't home when I called.  I will try again tomorrow.  I am excited about competition this year.  I don't know who will attend outside of Becca and Katie.  It looks like Calli and Acer may attend this year.  I will be typing out the newsletter for students this weekend so that I can pass out the concert and the competition info.  I have printed the info, I just have to put it in the newsletter form.  I wish that Microsoft would make publisher for macs but they don't.  It is just not fair.  It is not fair at all.  I do use in design but it is an older version.  I have no desire to update it either since I don't use it very often.  I only use it for newsletters once in a while.  I may see what word has as far as newsletters.  They used to have something for that.  I will check into that.

I didn't do too much today as I wasn't feeling so hot this afternoon so I came down and got some medicine before heading back up to bed.  I think I slept on and off for a while more.  I then went and got my hair washed and dried so today it looks really cute with poofy bangs and it is down, not in a ponytail.  As winter is coming, I will be wearing it down more often.  In the summer I wear it up a lot because it is cooler and I don't overhead that way.  I also don't like hair sticking to my neck.  It just feels weird.

I won't have the Little Man Acer and Miss Missy Calli tomorrow for lessons.  They are going on a retreat for the weekend.  I do hope it is a good time for them.  I haven't been on a retreat in many years but I did enjoy them when I went.  In addition to Bible Studies we played volleyball and other games.  I haven't been on one in about 14 years.  Wow, that was a long time ago.  It is hard to believe that it was that long ago, but it was.  I will have Emily tomorrow though.  She has switched from Monday to Friday because it fits better for her schedule.  Saturdays are now a busy day, thankfully.  I have Sandra, Camille, this week, Rick, Katie, and then Rebecca.  Sunday is the empty day for the week for a change.  It has been that way for a few weeks now, but hey, whatever fits Rick's schedule is what works for me.  I like to be flexible when I can.  Next week I have a doctor's appointment and I am not sure I will be home in time for Laith's lesson.  Thank goodness he switched just for next week.  He started golf at school today.  He says that he thinks he is going to like it a lot.  I think that it is very cool opportunity for the young man.

Project Runway is on right now.  They are designing for a new Rock band who won this contest for the Rolling Stone Magazine.  Some of the designers have never done menswear so they are kind of freaking out.  I would be freaking out, completely as I have never made anything for a man.  The band is called Sheep Dog.  They played a bit and they were good.  I am anxious to start sewing again.  I am going to make my students their Christmas Present.  It will be the coolest ornament.  I know it will turn out well because I have done something similar about 15 years ago.  I did like they way it turned out then so I think it will be that way again.  The sad part though is that Mom and I made them together as she helped me with all my students ornaments.  Sometimes I would make her one too and she wouldn't know it.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 will be out on DVD November 11, 2011!  I am very excited about that!!!  I can't wait for it!  It will be awesome to have the entire series!  I love Harry Potter so much.  Mom loved it too.  She would fall asleep any time she started to read anything longer than a couple of pages.  I am getting ready to do my marathon of reading book 1 then watching movie 1, reading book 2 than watching movie 2, etc.  Kathy came up with this idea.  I am so glad that she did.  It is an awesome idea.  Oh, speaking of movies, Laura has decided that Sarah (Hannah, Lydia, and Natalie's little sister) can go with us when we see in at the cheap theatre.  She won't have to do the school assignment though.  She is 8.  I think she is excited about it.  I love those girls.  I just do!  I love all my students though.

Anyways, this is getting rather long and I just don't want to have any cut off.  I do hope you had a good day!

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