Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday 9-12

I love Mondays because I have several lessons.  Today I had 6 lessons with 5 being in a row.  That is actually my limit because I get too exhausted if I put anymore in.  Once a month I will have 4 more on a Monday but since I rest a lot the day before, it is okay.  I just go to bed much, much earlier on those Mondays.  Emily (6:30) has actually moved to Friday at 6:15 starting this week so I will only have 5 regularly scheduled lessons on Monday.  That will be okay.  Tuesdays are nice too because I have about 2 lessons with another one every other week.  My 4 pm is an hour lesson so in a way, it is 2 lessons.  Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays are also 3 lessons so things are picking up nicely.  I am pleased about that.

I haven't really done anything else today but teach.  I read a bit before and after Bob's lesson.  I am reading the Canopy by Angela Hunt.  She is a good author.  I have read her historical stuff and her contemporary stuff too.  It is very interesting.  Most of this book takes place in Peru in the Amazon Rainforest.  It is very interesting.  I finished the O'Malley books that I have.  I plan at the end of the month, if I have enough money left over from paying bills, to order book number 4 and the prequel.  That will make the collection complete.

Tonight is the Design Star Season Finale.  I never thought I would actually be interested in this type of a show, but it is good.  I am very surprised since I have very little talent to decorate.  I really don't have much.  I keep it very basic.  My cousin, Hayley, now she is the one with talent.  She can take anything and make it beautiful.  She is very, very, very talented.  I love watching her create something beautiful out of an ordinary item.  It is just really cool.  I also like watching Project Runway.  Now there is another show I NEVER thought I would like, and I do.  I like to sew but I am not a super great sewer.  I can sew pretty well, but I am not good enough to be a designer plus, I can't draw to save my life.  I can do the basics and a few fancy things, but not super fancy and I am not the tailor my mother was.  She could tailor an outfit beautifully.  She was an amazing seamstress.  When I was small, Mom made all my clothes.  I remember every year we would go to the fabric store and she would let me help pick out the dresses (I only wore dresses all through elementary school) I wanted.  I loved that she made my clothes.  I really did.  In 4th grade, I had to have store bought clothes because Mom just didn't have the time to make any clothes for me.  She was going to school 24 credit hours, working 2 part time jobs that added up to 40 hours a week plus she had to take care of me and my brothers.  I cried when she said to pick out what I liked.  I simply cried like a baby.  The saleslady just didn't know what to do so Mom and I went home.  I was still crying.  When we got home Mom asked what was wrong again (she asked in the store but I couldn't answer, I was crying too hard).  I asked her if she still loved me.  I remember the strange look she gave me.  She said yes right away.  I then said, then why aren't you making my clothes.  You always make my clothes.  Momma set me straight and explained why I needed to have some store bought clothes because of all the things she was doing.  I understood eventually and we went back to the store where I found some nice dresses.  Store bought wasn't too bad, but Momma made better clothes.  Mom still made all my Christmas outfits though all through high school.  I liked wearing long dresses or long skirts on Christmas and I liked to match her so she always made our outfits.  It was during a fitting of a long skirt that Mom discovered that I had scoliosis.  She was working on the hemline when she said I wasn't standing up straight.  My friend, Jodi was over so she called her up to see if it was just her.  Jodi said I wasn't standing up straight.  I was, but my one shoulder was 1 inch higher than the other and I had a lump in my back.  I didn't think anything about it but Mom called my doctor right away and I went to see her.  She was stunned because I had had a full check up including a check for scoliosis that previous May.  I had to go and see a specialist in Toronto.  I ended up having an operation in December of 10th grade.  That is how I got the 2 rods in my back.

I am tired tonight, but I expect it and it is a good tired because I was busy today.  I simply love all my new students.  They are wonderful and the younger ones are so adorable.  They are so cute.  The older ones are doing very well too.  I do have a new student starting Saturday at 12:30.  She is an adult and we all know how well that has gone for me but I am hopeful about this because she has played the organ and wants to play piano.  That might mean she is serious and knows how much time is required for learning piano.

I do hope you are having a good day.

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