Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday 9-1

Yeah!  It is September and cooler weather.  Okay, so not cooler weather today, tomorrow, or the next day, but after that cooler weather.  It is going to go from over 90 to 70 overnight.  Okay, 70 is not my favorite temp but that is okay, I can survive it.  I have the most adorable fleece hoodies to wear and I am anxious to wear them again.  I am not looking forward to winter, but I do love fall best of all.  The colors of the changing leaves is simply beautiful.  Last fall when the leaves were changing I took Mom on a couple of drives.  Nothing too long, just short little jaunts.  Mom and I really enjoyed the drive and the company.  She didn't speak to much to other people but she spoke a lot to me.  It was cute when she would become a chatterbox to other people.

I have one lesson tonight.  Logan is a new student.  He has only had one lesson with me so far so tonight is number 2.  He lives right near me so that is nice for the family.  He could even walk here from school and then walk home.  That is how close he lives to me.  When I talked to his Mom, she was very familiar with my street.  That was the first time that has happened except for when my neighbor's grandchild took lessons.  He quit this summer.  I was bummed by what can I say?  It happens.  Logan is working really hard on reading notes.  I have to get some note reading material for him this week when I go to the music store.  I am planning to go tomorrow to the music store.  I need to get some books for Emily and Sarah.  That should do it for all the students who need books at this time.  Oh wait, McKenzie will need them next month.  We have about 1 lesson left with this book and then she will need the books.  I usually pick up the books because then I know they got the right ones.  Most of the time the parents pay me back right away.  Only a few times have the parents not paid me.  The parents I have know have even given me the money for the books ahead of time!  That is so cool when that happens.

I am very tired today.  I received a call from my Breanna saying she wasn't feeling very well so no lesson for my girl today.  I just received a call from Rebecca.  She will be starting lessons next Saturday at noon.  Yeah!  I haven't seen her since last year after competition.  Her mom is planning for her to be every other week, which works nicely for the little one.  She is 10 now.  Wow, I remember when they brought her home from Russia 9 1/2 years ago.  She is still rather tiny.  I do have a bit of a bad headache again today.  I have been waking up with them for a few weeks now.  They often go down by the end of the day to the regular headache, but it is getting frustrating to have them every day.  i hope it ends soon.

I do hope you are having a good day.

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  1. I think we all will get cooler weather soon. We went from 90 to 70 today! It is a nice change. Have a great weekend Anne