Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday 9-21

It is the third week of September already.  This month is going pretty fast.  I don't mind though.  Tomorrow is only 2 lessons.  Breanna is absent this week.  I am disappointed because I enjoy her lessons but she has a lot of school work to work on this week.  Then 3 on Friday with 4 on Saturday.  Friday I am meeting with Diane to talk about the judges for competition.  I think it will be fun.  I missed the meeting on Sunday because I didn't feel so good.

The cold is doing alright.  Nothing spectacular like getting healthy super fast or anything, but it isn't getting any worse so that is okay.   At least it isn't getting worse.  I just wish it would get better faster.  I have discovered that I am not a great patient these days.  I am just impatient to be over it.

Modern Family is on right now.  I don't know why I watch this sometimes because sometimes it is just dumb not funny.  Dance Moms is on tonight too.  I think it is the last episode.  I am not sure though.  It is interesting though.  The moms and the dance teacher are all crazy.  They just are.  However, it should be noted that the dancers are good dancers and not typical of their age.  Most 6 year olds and 8 year olds do not dance as well as these girls do.  I do like watching them dance.  The dance teacher does come up with good choreography and these girls do win competitions.  However, competition is only a part of education whether it is dance or music.  I think if you want to go to competition, you should work hard and do your best, but I don't think competition is the end all.  There is much more to music and dance than just competition.  I think that is why it doesn't bother me if my students go or not.  If they do, then I expect them to do well but if they don't want to go, that is fine too.

Dance Moms is a repeat.  How disappointing.

Allison did very well for her lesson today as did Natalie.  Beth is really coming along with her audition material.  Natalie got another song today so now she has 3 as did Allison.  I was a bit worried about Allison because she was late.  I was kind of nervous because I didn't know if she wasn't coming or was just caught in traffic.  She had only 1 lesson and with some of the track history with adults, however, she was just caught in traffic.  Thank goodness it was only a bit of traffic.  I am going to be starting to pull all the Christmas books out this weekend so i can plan who needs what book and what I need to copy since I have 3 students in the level B book and I only have 2 level B books.  I have to teach them 3 new notes in the next little bit so they are prepared for level B.  Acer is in level 1B and Calli is in level 3 so I don't have to copy anything for them.  They can each borrow a book without needing to share.  My 2 level A book students are siblings, so that works out even better.  I am not sure if Breanna is going to want to play the piano for the Christmas Concert.  She didn't for the summer one.  Sandra is in the level 2 books so she won't have to share that one either.  Logan, Breanne, and Brooke are the three that will have to share the most.  I will have to copy their music for them because I don't have that many books for them.  We shall see how this works out.  I am not too worried as it will work out in the end somehow.  It always does.

I think I am going to read for a bit and then head for bed.  Tomorrow I need to pay a few bills and send another payment in to the property taxes.  I have 2 bills I have to pay right away and the rest can go on the property taxes.  That will be another $200 for them so I am excited about that.  That brings this months total so far to $325.  I will only need to send in $75 more next week and the monthly total is exactly what I thought I could pay!  This is great news for me.  I am very excited about that.  I never thought I would be excited about paying property taxes.  Never.  Who knew?

It has been a good day with lessons.  My cold is doing okay.  It is slowly getting better just not fast enough for me.  I do hope your day is going well too!

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