Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday 9-16

It is amazing how fast my schedule can change.  I don't mind.  I am flexible so that works just fine.  So tomorrow I only expected to have Sandra (a new piano student) and Aggie's lessons.  Well, I will have the new student, Sandra, Rick, Calli, and Acer's lesson along with Aggie's tomorrow.  It certainly makes my day busier!  Thank goodness because really, my day was looking rather boring.  Not now!  Now it will be full and fun.  Calli and Acer's parents are celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary.  That is just so cool so they are out tonight and will have lessons tomorrow.  I also will have a new student on Tuesday to see if we are a good match.  Her piano teacher just retired so she and her sister are on the lookout.  A friend of theirs gave them my name and number and here we are on Tuesday, trying out a lesson.  I don't normally like trial lessons but in a case like this, it is a good thing.  With the students coming from another teacher that they worked very well with, it is important to try out before committing to another teacher.  I do hope it will go well so both she and her sister will have lessons!

I now have a cold.  Yup, a cold.  I was really bummed out this morning when I woke up with this cold.  I had a really bad headache most of the day because of this cold.  My nose is running but not stuffy yet.  I am hoping to be able to bypass the stuffiness with cold medicine.  I will have to get more tomorrow night because I only have enough nighttime cold medicine for tonight.  Yuck.  I am heading to bed much earlier than usual because I am very exhausted with this cold.  I also need to be up by 11:45 am tomorrow for my lessons.  I want to be fresh for them.  I haven't really taught on a Saturday regularly since spring when 2 of my teenagers quit supposedly just for the summer although I have not heard from them since and school has started.  I am hopeful that Amanda will at least start up again.

I had Beth's lesson this evening.  It has been the only one today, which was good since I was laying down a lot because of this cold.  She started 3 new songs, 2 from Jekyll and Hyde, and one from South Pacific.  She is going to audition for Jekyll and Hyde in October for her community theatre.  I do hope she gets in the chorus since that is her goal.  We have a new strategy for this audition.  She is going to try out for a part and hopefully get in the chorus.  She is a good singer and her voice is improving a lot.  Her breathing is better.  Her air placement is better too, so overall she is doing very well.  I am pleased with her progress.

Calli has been working on Ave Maria - the Schubert version, and In the Bleak Midwinter.  Both songs really show off what the young lady can do.  For piano she is working on the Village Dance out of her level 3 book.  Acer is working on something in the 1B book.  I will start them working on Christmas songs by the beginning of October.  This month the Muglia girls will be starting Christmas Music on Monday at their lessons.  I am looking forward to that.  I have to pull some Christmas Songs for them tomorrow or Sunday.  They are looking forward to starting Christmas Music.  I am hoping that after Christmas I will be able to purchase the Harry Potter 7B Music.  I also really like the 6th movie's music too.  I am focusing on Christmas and competition music at this point.

Kelly Lynn won't be able to go to the MMA meeting after all.  Her Grandfather is very ill and has entered Hospice so on Sunday they are all heading to go and see him.  I totally understand that.  She needs to be with her grandfather and family.  Chances are huge that she will see me again, she most likely won't see him again so Kelly Lynn needs to spend as much time as possible with him.  It is so hard when a life is ending or near the end.  I hope she gets the chance to see him a few times before he heads for Heaven.

It has been an okay day as far as days with a cold can go.  I hope tomorrow is better.  We shall see.  I hope your day was good too.

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