Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday - Back to normal, I think

I had two lessons scheduled and they actually happened so I think we are back on track.  Aaiyanna will be having her lesson on Friday so that is good.  It will be a make up from her not being here yesterday so I am glad about that.  I emailed Janice asking if she was still out of town because Aaiyanna didn't come to her lesson.  She called me this morning.  Boy was she so upset when she found out that Aaiyanna didn't come to her lesson.  I asked if she wanted to have a make up this week and she said yes.  So we agreed on Friday.  I am really happy about this.  I will have Aaiyanna, Acer, Calli, and Emily on Friday.  I have to get Emily her gift certificate too on Friday.  She earned her $10 gift certificate from Toys R Us from practicing.  On Saturday, I will have Sandra, Camille, and Katie.  I will only have Breanna tomorrow because of 2 doctor appointments.  I have an appointment with the arthritis doctor and the tummy doctor.  They are really both just check up type appointments.  I go every 3 or 6 months to each of the doctors.  I am hoping for the 6 month next appointment for both.  Now that I have Medicare, doctor appointments don't cost as much as they used to but I still owe all my doctors for previous services.  My regular primary care doctor, I owe about $1200 or so.  Yeah, I will be paying that off for the rest of my life or so it would seem to me.  I am close to paying off the tummy doctor, thank goodness for that.  I owe about $220 for the arthritis doctor so that will be paid off by the end of the year.

I was doing the made another payment on property taxes dance this week.  Last week I sent in another payment and this week I sent in another payment.  I got the receipt from the Country Treasurer and boy is it nice to see the total I owe going down.  It makes me feel good to be able to stay up to date with bills and catching up on others.

I am watching Extreme Couponing on TLC.  Every time I watch this, I think, could I use coupons too.  I DON'T want a stockpile.  That is just unnecessary for me, but would I will be able to save some money. I always forget to get a newspaper on Sundays that have the inserts.  Maybe this week I will go and get one to see what coupons I can get.  I know that they usually have soup coupons and I do need some soup.  I used all my chicken noodle soup this past week when I had a cold so it is time to get more because I have soup a lot.  What I really need to do is start looking at quick and healthy recipes and start cooking more.  I need to stop going out to eat like I do.  I really do for several reasons.  Not only for better food, but for saving money.  I can use the money I save to pay bills and the property taxes.

I am excited for November 11, 2011.  Yes, on 11-11-11, the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 will be available on DVD.  Yes, I plan to purchase it right away.  It will be the only DVD that I will buy right now until those taxes are paid and all bills are up to date.  I will not wait for any reason to purchase.  I will then have the entire set of Harry Potter movies.  That will be so awesome.  I love the last movie best I think.  I am not sure if it is because the last one or what, either way, it doesn't matter why, I love this movie!  I also want to see it in the cheap theatre too.  That way I see it on the big screen for a couple of dollars.  I also get to bring Sarah with me, the 4th Muglia girl.  The older three will go too, but Sarah will get to see it with us.  Sarah was really happy when her Mom told her that.  What changed her mind was when their mom realized that Sarah will watch it at home on the DVD player once the girls own the movie.  If she is going to watch it then, why can't she see it at the theatre?  I am excited that all of us will see it again together.  Of course, this does mean that I will have seen the movie 5 times in the movie theatre.  However, the next time I see it the movie will cost me only about $2 to see it.  The girls are checking the cheap theatre for the movie a lot so we know when we can see it together.

Kelly Lynn was here today.  I printed a whole bunch of information for her about competition.  We also talked about concerts and what to do with them.  I told her how I choose the order of my songs, but she will find her own way with time.  I remember being a new teacher.  I was lucky though because I assisted in the yearly recital at the dance studio so I had some experience helping to run a recital and how to choose who goes where and when.  I learned a lot from Karen and I am very thankful for what I was able to learn by watching and working with her.  Dance studios may do a lot a crazy things, but I did learn a lot from my dance teacher, both what to do and what not to do.  I also learned how to work with parents, another thing Kelly Lynn will learn with time.

My overall pain seems to be a bit higher than normal today.  I am not sure why.  I do hope I sleep well tonight.  I had to move Breanna's lesson from 2 to 2:15 because I have an appointment at 3:15.  This way, Breanna will finish at 3 pm so I have 15 minutes to get to the doctor's.  It should work out well.  I also have my first choir practice tomorrow night.  I am not sure if I will be able to be at church this week because I did tell Rick he could have a lesson at 11 am.  I don't know what services we sing for.  I will find out tomorrow night!

Have a great night.

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