Saturday, September 17, 2011

ugh, I actually have a cold

I had hope to bypass much of this lovely cold.  Yeah, that didn't happen.  It is here.  I did go and get more nighttime medicine for it because I used the last one last night.  I am trying Day Quill and NyQuil.  I have used it before and it has worked but I am still going to ask the expert (that would be Kathy as she is a Mom) what works best for her.  I already called Diane to let her know that I may possibly not be at the MMA meeting tomorrow as I am ill.  I was pretty fine for most of the day.  Sandra's lesson went super well as well as Rick's.  I am so pleased with how well both of them are doing.  Sandra is concentrating on learning the C position in bass clef as she is not as comfortable with bass clef as she is with treble clef.  This is mainly because she played the organ as a child and didn't use bass clef as much.  Rick is really coming along on the Friend Like Me Song.  We spend a lot of time on it because it is so difficult.  So far we have most of it down pat.  There is one part at the key change that we have trouble with.  We should be working on it next week.  I get so excited when I teach.  I took a bit of a nap between Rick and the Bowman-Tomlinson kids lessons.  I slept for just over an hour and boy did I need it.  Calli did so very well.  She finished her In My Own Little Corner song today.  She works very hard.  Her Ave Maria is really coming along.  We will work on the 2nd verse next week.  Calli is also singing In the Bleak Midwinter.  Acer wants to sing a veggie tale song.  I am not sure where we can get the music for it so I will have to start looking for it.  Both need to think about what piano Christmas music they would like to play.  Everyone is starting to think about what Christmas music they want for the concert.  Aggie is going to be singing Oh Holy Night and she is deciding on another piece.  She has a couple to check out. I am not sure when she is coming home again for another lesson.  She sounds like she will be home on class reunion weekend on that Sunday so I may or may not see her that day.  Whatever works for her as long it is NOT Saturday evening.

I am really liking this new schedule that I have 25 lessons.  I am so excited about that.  Natalie, Rebecca, and Katie, my every other week girls, all have lessons this coming week as well as the Muglias, my once a month girls.  I am so excited about that.  I need to pull Christmas for the Muglia girls.  Since they have once a month lessons, I need to make sure that their Christmas music is ready for the concert.  I am not going to start Sarah on her new music for Christmas as she is just starting the level B book so I need to give her some stuff in the book before we start Christmas music.   However, her sisters are definitely ready to start working on their music.  I just love all my students, from my little ones, to my older ones to my retired ones.  All of them are so awesome and so excited to learn and seem to really enjoy lessons.  I am excited about the coming season.  I have started planning ahead like I usually do.  I didn't really do a whole lot of planning starting in October but I had started planning in September.  Once I lost Mom, I just couldn't do anything.  It took a few months to even function outside of lessons.  Thank goodness I have taught so long now that I could still teach while being very sad.  I am doing much better with lessons at this time.  I am especially thankful for how many I have.  I have a trial lesson this week that I am looking forward too.  I am really hoping we will click and then I will have 2 new lessons.  Wouldn't that be nifty?  I certainly think so.

It is getting late.  I have a couple of things I need to do before I head up to the little bedroom.  I did have to send Aggie up to get a original CD because I can't find the copy.  I know I had it a couple of years ago, but now it is not here.  Aggie will make a copy of it and give back the original.  She is very good about that.  I also know that she doesn't care what my bedroom looks like so that is good too.  She is such a good student and person.

I do hope your day was fine.  Despite the yuckiness of the cold, I had a good day with all my lessons.

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