Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday - still sick

I again, had to cancel lessons this afternoon.  I had to yesterday too.  I haven't had to cancel lessons due to illness in about a year or so or more.  I am feeling better tonight than I have felt since Saturday afternoon when the cold seemed to arrive in full force.  I foresee being able to teach tomorrow though, so that will be good.  My nose has improved as well as the coughing.  I pretty much have slept all day and night since about Saturday afternoon when I finished teaching and came home from lunch with my cousin.  I called all my students and let them know about no lessons tonight, then I went right back to bed.  I will be heading back there rather shortly.  I am getting tired again.

The commercial for the Excelon patch was just on.  It makes me think of Mom and how much I miss her.  She was on the patch for a couple of years until about the last 8 months of her life when it wasn't doing anything for her.  There really isn't to help at the very end stages, unfortunately, at least nothing that helped Momma.  She was such a smiling mom.  She smiled a lot.  If she wasn't, I would say, where is the pretty smile?  and she would smile.  I miss her smile and laugh most of all.  I miss her hugs and kisses and giving her hugs and kisses too.  She was so easy to give a hug or a kiss to.  I told her every day how much I loved her.  Sometimes I would ask if I had told her how much I loved her today.  Sometimes she would say yes I told her and other days she would say, no I didn't.  Mom was just so cute.  I wonder if the boys miss her as much as I do.

Not much is happening tonight as I am still rather ill.  As I said, lessons were canceled.  I feel alright right now, I am a bit more tired than usual at this time of night, but that is because of the annoying cold.  I do hope you are feeling fine and have missed the cold and flues that are floating around.  Stay as healthy as you can!!!!

Some eye candy of the little lady!  I love the smiles!

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