Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hard to believe, but I can see the floor in the dining room, the counter in the kitchen and what's in my cupboards.  Scary, but true.  It has been a 4 day tornado that is now heading to the dining room.  Oh my.  It's gonna take some getting used to.  My fridge is even gonna be clean.  It hasn't been done in such a long long long long time.  It's not that I am lazy, I can't stand up long enough to clean it.  After a few minutes, I have to sit down because my legs start to burn.  That's why the house is such a, well, bottom line, mess.  It is difficult to do on my own because of that.  But now, because Tillie and Maia have done such a great job, I can swiffer the floor now.  They are only concentrating on the main level for this week.  Tillie has offered to come once a month until the entire house is finished.  For the family room (the room we don't use) we are going to split the room in half with one side with the living room furniture set (I moved the family room furniture into the living room where the pianos are because no one can sit on the other) and the table and chairs on the other.  Sort of like it is now, only we are going to sell both the living room set and the table and chairs set.  Since we don't use that room, there is no point in having furniture in it because eventually I will have to move out when Mom goes into care, unless I am able to get a job (which is the goal) and if I stay, I want my own furniture.  I don't really like the living room furniture, it needs to be reupholstered and I just don't like it.  We weren't allowed in that room when we were small and could only sit on the furniture when we were cleaned.  Now the cushions are hard, the wood is good and in good condition, so I should be able to sell it for a decent price.  They are vintage 1950 style.  Lots of our stuff that we are going to sell are vintage 1950 because that is when Mom bought all the stuff.   We have donated a lot of stuff so far.  After we finish this floor, we (well, they) are heading upstairs for Mom's room.  My room is alright, just needs to be cleaned.  I cleaned out the closet and got rid of clothes I don't wear.  My other cousin, Hayley, came and helped me last year.  I am so lucky to have helpful cousins.  Not many people have the cousins I do.  

Mom spend the night again with Tillie since she was getting her bath and hair washed yesterday afternoon and I had to teach, so she went home with Tillie last night.  Apparently, it was a bad night.  Mom went to bed fine, but woke up after Tillie went to bed.  She wandered around until about 3:30 am.  She was mean to Tillie too, which is not like Mom.  One other time she was like that to me and I left her alone for about 30 minutes before I went back into her room and she was fine and went right into bed.  I hope this is NOT the behavior I am going to  bed tonight.  If so, I am gating her in her room and going to bed.  I feel bad for Tillie though, it is hard to deal with though.  Tillie stayed calm through out the whole ordeal.  Mom is fine today, though, although she is very tired because she had to get up at 8 am to come back home.  I am glad she is back to normal today.  I hope she will be fine tonight, we shall see.

Tillie is working on the fridge.  Maia just got here.  I have knitting today with Heather, I can't wait, it has been a few weeks since we have had knitting.  Mom's appointments have been on Thursdays for the last few weeks.  I have to change a student's lesson on Wednesday because Mom has her bath and hair wash that day.  I want to be there when she gets her bath and hair wash and then we will have dinner and then drive home that way I don't have to drive to Windsor 2 times in one week.  Much better on the little car and gas and money.

It is sunny and nice out again today.  I have the draperies open in the dining room.  I keep the closed usually unless there is no wind.  Wind flips Mom out.  She remembers the wind picking her up and moving her.  I try not to take her out on windy days for the same reason, although we do do our Tim Horton's whether it is windy or not.  She just holds my arm very tightly. 

I hope you are having a great day.


  1. Sounds like you have been a whirlwind of activity...I am having a great day...I loved visiting here!

  2. Wow Heather! "Whirlwind" is right! But, there's nothing like a clean house. I totally understand your difficulties with cleaning, I get the same pains. I used to be obsessive about cleaning, but I have to redefine "clean". I hope your week is going well!
    April (from the NFA)

  3. P.S. Thank you so very much for posting a link to the NFA and the magazine. You rock! It really makes a difference and it's one step further in FM Awareness. Thank you!!