Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tillie will be arriving anytime now to spend a few days.  She is going to help me organize Mom's room and the spare room needs a little attention too.  Should be fun.  I am hoping that we will be able to find more of Mom's clothes because she puts them in boxes and I can't find them.  Not good, but normal for the disease.  Hoarding is a common symptom of Alzheimer's, unfortunately.  I slept pretty well last night, only woke up 3 times, yeah me! for that one.  I think part of it was because Mom was home and the other part being I was exhausted.  I can get exhausted so easily it is pathetic.  Part of my syndrome.  An annoying part because you never know what will exhaust you.  Look out!  Here it comes!  No, you get no warning like that.  It would be nice, but it doesn't happen.

Other than some cleaning I managed to put the corned beef, asparagus, mushrooms, and red potatoes in the crock pot for dinner.  Emptied the dishwasher, filled it back up and turned it on.  I even cleaned the sink in the bathroom!  Yup, housework day for me.  Now if only I could get some laundry done.  I can't do it until the dishwasher is finished because there would be no hot water for anything then.  Or at least I don't think there would be.  I have never tried it and not willing to experiment due to cost more money to run things again. 

Mom is doing her usual dozing on and off in her chair.  I am going to turn on Murder She Wrote in a few minutes and clear off the dining room table.  It looks like a tornado hit it.  I have bills in piles, papers in piles and other stuff in other piles.  I will need more of the table because of company.  Also, I need to change my table cloth, it still has the Christmas one on it.  He he he.  I bought a new spring one on sale at Joann's, a very dangerous type store because there are so many things I see I want to buy!  It rates up there with the bookstores.  They, too, are very dangerous for me.  Walmart is becoming that way, although we need to go there today because I need some milk and to pick up my prescription for my tummy.  I want to see if they have some spring colored hoodies for Mom.  She is getting her hair cut and her picture taken sometime this spring.  I am going to send one to Richard, one to Andrew, and give one to Tillie.  She hasn't had her picture taken in a few years.

I also get to pay some bills today!  Boy, what fun, my bank account will hate me when I am done.  The only mail I seem to get these days is bills or Hayley's orders.  She has a few more things to come in and then I get to see her!  

I haven't heard anything from cousin's about Mom's party, I wonder who is planning to attend because I have to have enough snacks for them.  I am going to Face book message a few of them to see if they are coming.  I hope so.  All of them should have received their invitations by now.  The only RSVPs I have gotten are from Cathy and Hayley and neither of them can come.  So I am glad they responded and I know not to expect them.

It is raining out again today.  Mom and I don't really like the rain, although we LOVE the flowers the rain gives us, so I guess we will both just put up with it because of the beautiful flowers.  I want to get some silk flowers for our table this spring, it will brighten Mom up because she loves flowers.  I will let her pick out which ones she wants, that should be fun for her.

I hope you are having better weather than I am.  I hope your day is good, so far mine is very good and with the expected cousin on her way, even better!

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