Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It is cold today.  I want my warm weather back, like, now, please.  I know, stop pushing it, it will arrive and then we will all complain about how hot it is.  I did enjoy last summer because it was so hot.  I could scooter everyday with Mom and it was fun.

Katie had her lesson, she got 2 new songs.  She is so cute.  She is almost 17.  Hard to believe that she will be 17 soon.  They grow so fast.  She is planning to get an associates in music.  Isn't that cool.  She wants to teach like me!  How neat is that.  She will be the third student of mine who is a music teacher.

Both Bob and Charlie will be having their lessons later today. I didn't get a chance to order Mom's cake so we are doing that tomorrow morning before we go to Windsor.  I am really liking the schedule, just need a few more students and things would be even better!!!  We will now be going to Windsor every Wednesday to visit!  Mom does well on day trips.  We will be taking a day trip to see Andrew next month or in May, possibly around his birthday.  He will be 41.  He he he.  He doesn't like to think about being 40, I know the feeling.  In 2 weeks I will be 42.  I have to get Mom's state ID for her since it expired and renew my license plate tabs.  We will be doing that Thursday morning.  Mom's money comes in on Wednesday and then a week and a half later, mine comes in.  Mine arrives on Easter Sunday.  My birthday will be that Thursday after Easter.  

Pain isn't to bad right now.  My head is normal and the arm is a bit sore.  I moved it wrong this morning like a silly person and it still hurts from that.  Dumb arm.  Mom is okay today.  She got up before me and was sitting in her room quietly.  She is speaking quietly today which drives me mad since I am partially deaf and cannot hear her.  She did this to me in Tim Horton's.  I was getting a little mad, finally she spoke up.  I hate it when she does this.  She has this paranoia of someone overhearing what she is talking about.  It isn't like we are telling secrets or anything!  I get so tired of it.  I usually ignore people when they do that.  I can't hear them and if they want a response from me, speak up.  I don't mean yell, that isn't necessary, but at least don't whisper.

So far the day is alright, nothing spectacular except during the lesson.  I have to write in Mom's journal now.  I keep track of everything she drinks and eats, not that it is much.  I also write how she slept (what little I know about it) and if she is having a good or bad day.

I hope your day is going well.

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