Sunday, March 28, 2010

Today was Mom's official birthday!  She is now 76 years old.  We had a party at Tillie's house.  Most of the cousins came and my uncle and his family.  We sure filled her small house to the rims with family.  It was great.  I think Mom enjoyed it although it may have been a bit tiring for her.  She should sleep well tonight!  The cake I brought looked like it might have been too big, but I think the smaller size would have been too small, so what to do?  Andrew took some home, Zachary took some home, and Danielle took the rest for her family.  There wasn't much after the boys got some.  It was a good cake.  We will have the same style of one on Saturday for the cake and ice cream party with the friends here at our house.  It should be a fun.  I am glad my cousins and uncle got to see Mom.  Andrew wanted to surprise us but Tillie let us know he was coming that's why he didn't tell me or email me.  Oh well, I enjoyed spending the afternoon with him too.  He sat next to Mom pretty much the entire time, he misses her a lot.  We are probably going to go visit him next month for his birthday, depending on his work schedule.  He is also going to school so his schedule is very full and busy, unlike ours that is sporadically busy and then not busy and then busy again.

Tillie and Maia are coming over again tomorrow for more housecleaning of the Paxton residence.  I am so thankful for them to help me because I can't do a lot of on my own, as most of you know and understand.  With Fibro, there are limits to how long you can stand, walk, and lift, etc.  So to have some help is a major Godsend!  We are getting somewhere with the house now, I feel much better about it and don't feel so down on it.  The back room and kitchen look great and the fridge is clean with good food in it.  We don't have much in it because most of our food is frozen.  You know the three meals I cook: frozen, takeout, and microwave!  I do use the crock pot a lot though, I love using that.  It makes the house smells so wonderful.

It will be the usual type teaching week for me this week, next week will have less students because of the holiday, Easter.  Both Grace and Frank will be absent.  I hope they have fun since I won't get to see them.  At least this week is a nice and full week and we will have company the entire week.

It rained all day so my head is a bit sorer than usual.  My arm is sorer too because of a wardrobe event.  It is so annoying to have an arm that doesn't work right, getting dressed at times is just difficult with one arm even with Mom helping me.  I tried to do most of it on my own, you know, practicing for when I don't have Mom here to help.  Yeah, that didn't work very well at all.  I don't know what I will do when she isn't here, fortunately I don't have to worry about that for a while yet.  Maybe my arm will improve before then.  I can only hope.

I hope your day was as great as mine!

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