Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tillie and Maia are on their way or at least, should be.  They will be here in about an hour.  That's how long it takes to get her from their house.  

I just paid the car payment.  Woo, it's paid for the month of February, yes, I know, it's March.  We are a bit behind on it.  I hope to catch up before too long.  It's hard to do when you have things that are tight, as some of you know very well.  I have to mail in my health insurance payment tonight along with some other store stuff.  I can't believe I am still dealing with store stuff almost 2 years later.  Hard to believe, but I am.  Speaking of which, I need to pay the sales and use tax payment of the month.  I am on hold.  I don't mind too much because I can write while I wait!  

It is so nice out right now.  The sun is shining and the weather has improved greatly!  Even Mom was a bit warmer in the car, we had the windows part way down.

Not much going on today, we did our usual, Tim Horton's this early afternoon, and then I have 2 students this evening.  I should have both of them today, haven't heard any different.  Next week they are all on vacation so I am not sure who I will have.  I know of 2 who will be gone and hopefully having fun.  It used to be that I cancelled most lessons because most of the kids were gone during Easter vacation.  Now, many kids are home, so I don't cancel, plus, I only have a few to begin with.  Since I am not as busy as I used to be, I need to teach when I can and I love it.

Just paid the payment.  Wow, my bank account is going to hate me!  2 bills in one day!  I am doing much better in keeping up with bills now that the house payment has been lowered.  Thank God for that!  Between us, we are doing alright, tight, but alright.

Mom is having her second birthday party on Saturday.  I can't wait!  It is the friend's party.  We will have about 30 people in our house, and we don't have enough chairs!  Oh well, kids can sit on the floor and others can stand.  I have to remember to buy ice cream and plates and spoons.  We have forks, but we don't need them with ice cream.  I am to pick up the cake at 11 am on Saturday morning.  We will have to do it on time because Aggie will be having her lesson at 12 noon and I don't want to be late.  You know how I feel about being late.

Well, this has been a random post, going here, going there!  I hope your day is going well, mine is so far and we are expecting company!!  yeah!  Cousins!  Also!  My older brother will be coming for a visit soon, he said in a month or two, not sure when, but soon.  I can't wait, I miss the older brother!  I just adore both my brothers!  Simply adore them!

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