Friday, March 26, 2010

We finally had sewing again today.  We won't be having it next week because of Good Friday.  Easter is a week away.  We are having Cornish hens.  I haven't made them in several years, so I hope they turn out.  They should though, I always do a decent job, no one has complained yet!

I am so tired right now, I could take a nap.  I think we are heading for bed awfully early tonight.  Mom is falling asleep in her chair too.  She was awake for some of the afternoon.  We had to get up early this morning because of sewing.  I have been extra tired this week, I am not sure why.  Hard to say, could be any reason.

My arm is very sore today, don't really know why either.  I also now have a bad headache so I just may go and lay down when I am done here.  I am glad I didn't have this while I was sewing, that would have been terrible.  My arm was sore but not like it is now.

Tomorrow I have to go and get the veggie tray, cookies, napkins, pop, and cups for the party on Sunday.  I will pick up the cake on Sunday.  2 days til B-Day!  Wish Richard was coming.  I understand why he isn't, but I can still wish, can't I?  I wonder if he has found a job yet.  It is so hard looking for a job.  I am not in the job market right now as what would I do with Mom?  I would spend so much money on her day care that it would eat into the money I make, so until she goes into care, I am out of the job market.  Of course, we all know I hope to have enough students at the time Mom goes into care that I won't need another job.  I love teaching!  I will just need enough to make up Mom's money that will be going to her care (as it should), so we shall see.  I am trying not to worry about it right now.  I keep reminding myself that somehow it will work out.  I won't be homeless.

It is sunny out but really cold.  Next week is supposed to be warmer!!!  yeah!  Warm weather!  I hope your day was good.


  1. Hi Heather,

    Is it going to be your birthday soon? If you get a chance, I would love to know how you cook a cornish hen. They never cook through properly when I do it, but I am still inexperienced at cooking.

    I also worry about what will happen to my folks and if I will end up homeless, so I can relate to your fears. The only thing we can do is pray and then cast our fear into God's loving hands.

    Hug, April

  2. I usually cook them in the oven. I always add about 15 more minutes than they say because they never come out cooked for me otherwise. I try not to worry too and leave it in God's hands, but patience is not my best thing! Send me your email and I will email how I cooked it. mine is, in case you can't find it!