Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tomorrow is the Mom's birthday, although we are celebrating it today too.  I bought her flowers and will be taking her to dinner soon.  She doesn't really remember that it is her birthday tomorrow.  I am picking up the cake at 11 and then leaving from there to Windsor.  We will be back in the evening after the party.  I called my uncle last night, good thing because he never got the invitation I sent him.  He and his family are coming!  I am glad.  Mom likes to see her little brother (although he towers over her, he is about a foot taller than her).  He has a little boy who is 2 1/2 and adorable.  His name is Jayson.  I have all the food we need, I think.  I also bought our Easter basket stuff yesterday too.  I got some for Tillie too.  She will be here so I got her some stuff.  Not much, just a bit.  I no longer go crazy at Easter for Mom.  She enjoys it for a few minutes and then forgets about it, finds it again, and then forgets again.  She is dozing in her chair as usual.  We are going out to eat in about a 1/2 hour.  I haven't decided exactly where we are going to go, either Red Lobster or Olive Garden, my choice since she won't really care either way.  I think we will watch Old Dogs when we get back home.  I love that movie, we bought it the day it came out and we haven't seen it yet.  We've been busy on the days we usually watch movies.

Lily had her lesson this afternoon.  She picked what she wants to sing for the spring concert.  It is in three weeks.  She's going to sing "I'm Gonna Wash that Boy Right Out of my Hair" and "Can You Feel the Love Tonight".  She is now 12, hard to believe, but it's true and sings pretty well for her age.  This week everyone is going to have to choose what they are playing/singing for the concert so I can get the program started.

Tillie and Maia are coming over again this week.  They are going to finish the dining room and do the living room.  That room just really needs the music put away, although I can't really stand long enough to do it.  The DVD's need to be put back in the shelves and the books in the shelves downstairs.  I have 2 tables up that we will need for the cake and ice cream party for Mom.  I can't forget to buy ice cream for the party next week.  Lily is coming to that so is the Muglia family and the Heyart family.  I can't wait to see Kathy again, even though I just saw her last weekend.  She's my best friend and I miss her a lot when I don't see her.  She lives about 2 1/2 hours away from me.  Next month Mom and I are going to take a day trip to see her.  

Since Tillie will be at our house for the week, I am going to take Mom for her bath and leave Tillie at the house.  She has a key, so I am not worried.  We will only be gone for a few hours. That way, Tillie can keep working (her words not mine!) and not be interrupted by us.  A good thing too, because sometimes it's easier to not see what they are donating.  As long as my Pooh Bear collection is still here, I love my collection and she has been trying to get me to donate them.  I am not.  Nope, no how, no way. I love them too much.  Besides, many of them were bought by Mom right after I got really really sick and my life changed.  Many of you know what that was like, the day you realized you aren't going to get any better.  I thought life was over and that was that but she wouldn't let me think or live like that.  I was practically bed ridden and she and my older brother got me up and walking and moving again.  It's thanks to them I can do what I can do.

Pain is normal for the day, the sun is out and it is a bit warmer than yesterday.  Tomorrow it is supposed to rain, as long as it rains after the party and when we are home!  We should have a decent day since we are celebrating Mom!  I mean, really, how many does she have left?  I don't mean physically, I mean mentally.  I told my cousins they need to see her now, not later because later she may not have a clue who they are.  There are days she asks where Heather is and she is looking right at me.  Not many, but some.  I'd say about once a month she does this, maybe twice.  It is heartbreaking.

I hope your day is great and it is sunny and warm wherever you are!!!!!!

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