Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mom is back home where she belongs.  I survived the night without her.  I even survived the morning and early part of the afternoon.  It was strange to wake up without her here, especially when I usually have her to help me get dressed.  I managed, very clumsily, to get my clothes on myself except my socks.  I tried to figure out how to do the one leg and when I couldn't reach it because of the arm, I left yesterdays on.  I don't think they smelled though, no one said they did so that was good.  I probably looked pretty funny when I was dressing though.

Kathy couldn't come to town after all.  Her little one (well, one of the little ones) was sick so the family stayed home and didn't venture to our town.  She is going to try for next weekend.  I hope to see her soon, I am having withdrawals.  I need my Kathy.  

It took forever, it seemed, to get to Windsor today.  I have discovered that Saturday is an awful day to go through the tunnel no matter which direction you are going.  It took 2 hours to get home because 45 minutes was in the tunnel.  The tunnel is only about 1 mile long.  Yeah, what fun.  At least Mom was alright in it.  When I got to Tillie's she said Mom was fine last night and didn't ask for me once at all today.  That was good.  So now I know she can handle being away from me for the night.  Whether I can handle it or not is a different story.  We went to Tillie's daughter, Luana's house for dinner.  It was good.  So that makes 3 days in a row I didn't have to cook or heat up anything.  Yeah for me!  Homemade meals too.  Even better.

Tillie is coming over tomorrow until Wednesday, I think she is taking Mom back with her and I will pick her up Thursday.  Mom has a care appointment Wednesday and the occupational therapist will be there on Thursday.  The care appointments will be Wednesday afternoon from now on.  I have to see if my little Calli can switch days because of it.  I hope so, they are pretty flexible.  She has choir on Tuesday but I don't know if it is during or after school.  I don't know about Monday or Friday or Saturday, something has got to work for a while until the care appointment can be changed.  Mom looked so nice with her hair done after her bath.  Teri, the care worker, was very nice and Mom cooperated beautifully, not one tear shed.  I was really happy about that.  She also didn't cry after I left yesterday!  So another win for us.  She hasn't really cried since her new medicine kicked in nor has she had a rough night like she was.  She hasn't asked to go home or where her Mom is or call for me when she is looking right at me.  She seems to have settled in for the moment.  I hope it lasts a while, I can get used to this stage real easy.  I have to help her with more stuff than I used to, but that is okay because she is still here with me and not in a home.  I dread that day.  I think when she gets to the point she doesn't know me at all she will be ready for a home.  At least that is what I think now, who knows what point that really will be.

Today was an alright day, rain made me ache a bit more and I didn't sleep very well last night because of nerves and pain.  I should sleep better tonight because I am not alone in the house.  I did discover I don't like sleeping in the house alone.  Not one bit.  Makes the night awfully long and lonely.  I hope your day was well and don't forget to turn the clocks forward if your area does that!


  1. The warmer weather may help you so we can pray t will be here soon. I know the winters can be so long. Please take care, I like stopping in.