Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I had my usual blood test today and they have to redo it on Friday. So now, of course, I am thinking, is there something wrong? Too thin, too thick? I am supposed to stop taking coumiden too until then. So yeah, okay, what's up with that?

I think today I will have Calli's first lessons. I sure hope so. Her poor mom has been ill for two weeks so I am hopeful for today. We shall find out in about 2 hours. I can't wait. I have the books and CDs ready for her. I also found a neat website that has braille music. How cool is that? So once we start I will know what we need. Also, I ordered Charlie some new solos and the music is in, it came in this afternoon. I know, why couldn't it have come in yesterday when my boy was here? Because I didn't order it until Friday night and they shipped it Monday. Silly me, you would think I would have a better sense of timings my orders. I hope Aggie's CD is here by Saturday, I ordered those last Wednesday so I am hopeful that they will be here in time for her lesson. I can't wait for her to sing the new song I picked out for her.

My computer is still frozen on sleep so I, again, am using Mom's. I realized yesterday that it would be the perfect opportunity to make this months newsletter as she has publisher and I don't have it for Mac. Have I done that. Duh, no. I am planning on fixing that this evening. I have some pictures from competition and from the benefit concert to add to the newsletter. It should be a nifty one. I love making these things. Hmm, wouldn't it be cool if I got a job editing newsletters? I have done that before and loved every minute of it. I did it for about 6 years. I could do it again! I even worked at home with it so that would be even better because then there is no worries about who'll take care of Mom. I can and work at the same time!!!! I think I will look into that for a job. I know jobs are awfully scarce in these parts right now.

Not much happening today outside of the one lesson and the newsletter. We were at the docs earlier today and waited an hour for my blood test. The nurse was a new one, she was smart, got someone who can get me as soon as I mentioned I am hard to get. I don't do well with several pokes you know. With fibro, the tourniquet hurts really really bad, not the needle so much, although that hurts too, but the tourniquet is the worse. I thought I was going throw up it hurt so bad today. And to top it off, they can only use one arm because of the pain that is continuous in the left arm. It is practically frozen now. I can only use it a bit. I hope the cycle of pain it is in moves on soon, I am tired of not moving the arm well. I need both arms.

Speaking of pain, did anyone get a chance to look at the online magazine for the NFA? I did and it looks real good. Here is the link again!

Please check it out and let them (NFA) if you like it. It is just another way for us to keep the highway of information going!!!!

I do hope your day is going well. Mine isn't too bad, minus the extra pain from the blood test, and I am looking forward to Calli's lesson.

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