Friday, March 19, 2010

The nurse practioner did not put Mom in the hospital like I was afraid she would.  Thank God!!!!!  She did, however, say Mom is malnutritioned and dehydrated so that she must have 3 ensures a day.  That is a lot but when you look at how much she actually eats and drinks, it is not a lot.  I have made her drink a few sips of her drink several times tonight.  She still has about 2/3 of a 16 oz cup left and that is all she has had all day.  We got something for her dry skin too.  All in all, a better appointment than I expected.  I was afraid that they would move her into a home right now and I don't think she is ready for one.  We will get this drinking and eating under control and then she will gain weight and be fine.  

Tillie is here until tomorrow.  My cousin, Hayley, will be stopping by tomorrow also and Kathy should be coming to town.  A busy day for a change.  The dining room should be a little more cleared tomorrow too.  The table needs to be emptied and sorted and then the new spring table cloth will go on it and we will be done, well, except for the boxes I have to sort.  I have one box for the bankruptcy, and 2 boxes of mail I haven't opened.  That means it is either junk or old bills that I have already paid or have a new one in.  I don't open junk mail, it is a pain.

We have a mouse again.  Maia was sleeping in the living room and she said she could hear it.  It stayed in the back room where all the food was.  We have mouse food that dehydrates it in the cupboards.  They need to be vacuumed out and then washed out and then they are clean and ready to go.  I hope the little thing leaves soon.  I am not very fond of mice.  Not one bit.  They are cute in cartoons only!  Like Mickey Mouse.  I love Mickey and Minnie and that is about it.  There is one more cupboard in the kitchen that has mouse evidence in it and the stuff that was in it is gone.  I think that cupboard was washed out too, but I will look tomorrow.

Stress is a bit high with the appointment and the possibility of Mom being taken away from me so the pain is a bit higher.  I have a headache too which isn't helping matters.  Ugh.  That is all I have to say about that.  It was sunny out today and warmer than it has been.  Getting Mom to leave her coat unzipped was a bit hard, but she got to hot with it done up.  She finally got the point.

I hope your day has been good.

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