Sunday, March 21, 2010

It is so quiet now.  Mom is sleeping in her chair at the table.  I meant to bring her special cushion from Tillie's, but I forgot.  We will get it on Wednesday.  It is made of air and is softer on her bottom which has gotten quite thin.  Since she has lost so much weight, we have to be careful of her and her bones.  She is quite fragile in some ways.

We went to Tim Horton's and ran into our neighbor friend, Rosemary.  She is really nice.  She and her husband, Irv, will be at the cake and ice cream party the day before Easter.  I have to order Mom's birthday cake for her party this weekend this week.  I think I will get a tray of veggies, some chips and dip, and cookies and that will do it for the snacks.  We are having the party after lunch and before dinner.  My cousin, Audrey, will be bringing cookies so how cool is that?  Pretty cool I'd say.  I am getting mom flowers for her birthday, she loves flowers.  Just a nice spring bouquet.  I found the vase, it was in the cupboard in the kitchen, not with the sell stuff.  I am going to vacuum out the cupboards in the back when I am done here.  

My nephew, William, turned 9 on Friday.  I haven't been able to talk to him yet.  With the time difference, it is hard to get a hold of them.  They are very busy little children.  I miss him a lot, and his sister, Abigail.  They swim all year.  In summer of 2008, we got to see one of their swim meets and it was great.  Both did really well.  I haven't seen them since then because of finances and other difficulties, but I hope to see them this summer.

I think after I do the vacuuming, I am going to put in a DVD for us.  I got New Moon yesterday.  I really enjoyed the books, it was the first set of books I read that I really enjoyed after I lost the store.  I liked the movie a bit better than the first one, I think mainly because the scenes weren't so choppy.  The director of the first movie likes choppy scenes and New Moon has longer scenes and less choppiness in it.  I can't wait for Eclipse.  That comes out this spring in June.  Of course, Mom and I will be there with Kathy, we will travel to Kalamazoo if necessary.  I have seen both twilight movies with her and must see the rest with her too.  I decided that, don't know if she knows this, but I decided.  I mean, we both love twilight books and movies, so why break a good pattern?  We have been friends since we were 3.  Isn't that cool?  I have known her longer than anyone else except my mom and brothers.  She will be back in town in 2 weeks, unless something comes up and with a family of 6, one never knows.  We just go with the flow over in the Paxton house.

It is a bit cooler out today than last week, but still nice and sunny!  Mom seems to enjoy the sun too.  Soon we will be able to take out the scooter and go for walks again!  I can't wait for that.  I love scootering.  Mom enjoyed the walks last summer a lot because some days she would ask for one.  She did ask the other day when we would go walking again.  It is still a bit too chilly to take her right now, but give us a month, and we will be on the town.  

I hope you are having a good day, so far so good at our house!  Time to go and vacuum!

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