Thursday, March 11, 2010

It is sunny out again.  Yup, 4th day in a row here, and in March too!  What a nice surprise.  I also am trying to conquer Mt. Laundry with at least one load.  I have no choice as I have run out of socks and undies.  Time to do the laundry.  I will have to do another load too since my outer clothes are out too.  Ugh, hate to do the laundry.  Don't know why I hate it so much, it is easier now that I have baskets.  Much easier getting it up and down the stairs, plus Mom helps, so yeah, what's my problem?  

Mom ate beautifully at breakfast time.  She ate her donut and her muffin.  I was so pleased I could have spit.  Not that I would have as that would have been very bad manners, and well, I don't like bad manners.  But I was very happy and pleased with her.  Our neighbor/friend, Rosemary came to sit with us when she arrived so we had a nice chat and visit with her.  We see her there about once a week.   She lives down the street from me.  Very nice lady, very nice.  I think they are going to come to the cake and ice cream we will have for mom for our friends here in Michigan.  Most of them can't come to Windsor for the party.  I haven't heard from my relatives about the party yet so I don't know how many are coming.  I hope a lot.  It would be nice to see them again.  I haven't seen some of my cousins since Mom's last party 6 years ago.  Wow, 6 years ago, things were bright and sunny.  Well, things here are looking bright and sunny again too.  Still not sure what I am going to do once mom is in a home, but I have lots of time to figure it out.  She is sleeping on her chair again, as usual.  I think I will take a snooze as soon as the clothes go into the dryer which should be anytime now.  I am glad our dryer still works because 2 years ago we had to get a new washer.  From what I have heard, dryers last longer so I am holding on to this one as long as possible!!!!  That is for sure!

Not much happening today, I have one make up lesson, Zach, and then we are off to Windsor for the night.  We are going to Tillie's.  I have to remember her stuff, I forgot last time.  Oops.  Fibro fog!  I have a list of everything we need to bring.

I just paid off my bankruptcy lawyer.  Now all I need to do is copy all of the stuff they need.  I never thought I would need to file bankruptcy, never, not in a million years, but when we lost the store, we lost almost everything.  We are now in the process of rebuilding our lives.  It is hard at times and easy at times.  Kind of backwards in a way, but nevertheless, that is the way it is right now.  I have less stress (believe it or not) since we lost the store, although, it isn't like there isn't any stress, I just have less because I am not trying to save the store.  One of my former employees, near the end, said that she was mad I was trying to save the business, now she wishes we had saved it because she expected (like me) to get a job right away and it took her a year and a 1/2 before she got one.  I, at least, do have disability and a few students that pay.  Most of the students I have are from the store except the new ones.  I am thankful for what I do have and the one thing I do have is time with Mom.  Nobody else has that but me, and I feel bad for my brothers because they are missing out on what's left of Mom.  Soon she won't remember anyone and that's what they will get to see because they are so far away.  She is doing well right now though, so I am sooooo glad about that.  We are going to take a day trip and visit Andrew in London (Ontario, not England) soon, if the weather holds up.  Mom and Andrew will like that.  He is in school right now so his schedule is much tighter than ours.

I hope your day is good, mine is so far!  yeah sun!!!!!!!!!

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