Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It is again a beautiful day outside, right before we get hit with rain.  I am not sure which is worse, rain or snow.  Snow means cold and so does rain, so yeah, it could be both.  We just got back from our daily breakfast.  I take mom to Tim Horton's everyday to get her out of the house, otherwise, she wouldn't leave at all.  I have 3 lessons today, it was supposed to be 4, but Katie cancelled until next week, something about ACT tests and stuff.  Must study, which she needs to do well on and I hope she does.  These ACT tests are difficult.  I know, I took it back when I was in high school trying to get into a college.  I did okay, nothing spectacular on them, and I got in to college.  Not that the degrees I have have done much for me, but I do have them.

Other than lessons, not much going on.  Not sure what we are going to have for dinner.  I just realized that we aren't going to be here Thursday night so maybe I should cook what I have in the fridge so it doesn't go bad.  I am very tired today.  I woke up early for no reason.  No reason what soever.  I even woke up before Mom.  She is awake in her chair today, not really dozing like she usually does, although she looks tired.

I can take my blood thinner medicine again, so I guess my blood is back to normal.  Thank goodness, of course, I do have another test on Monday, but I get a week before it.  I hope the bruise is gone by then because that is the arm I like them to do the test with as the left arm/shoulder are in a lot of pain all the time.  The right arm is normal.

It is an okay day today as far as pain is concerned.  I do hope to do some cleaning up in the dining room, I want to put the spring table cloth on the table and I need to clean it off to do it.  We still have the Christmas one on.  Silly me!  I keep meaning to take it off, I have table cloths for every holiday except St. Patrick's Day (too close to Easter) and Valentine's Day got ignored as far as table cloths go.  I found a neat Christmas craft i would like to start.  Not sure if I will start today or later this weekend.  We shall see.

I hope your day is good and beautiful outside.  Although my friend, Barb, posted on face book that it was raining where she is.  Hope it stops and the sun comes out!!!!!

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