Friday, March 5, 2010

What a day, it is sunny out!!!!  Yeah sun!!  I like sunny days best.  It warmed the car up so Mom was actually not cold for a change.  It was a nice change.  We had to do some grocery shopping, the worst type, but I needed the veggies for the meat we got yesterday from Tillie.  She gave us a some roast beef and corned beef.  We are having the corned beef tomorrow, I love that stuff so much.  I can't find it where we shop, I am hoping as it gets closer to St. Patrick's Day that they will have some.  I will buy a little bit extra to freeze for another time.  I also bought a pork roast.  Yup, I am becoming more domesticated.  Write that down in history, Heather wants to cook.  Of course, this is all using my crock pot and not anything else.

I had the second blood test of the week this afternoon.  It only took 1 try so boy, was I glad about that.  My other arm finally stopped bleeding (bruising) sometime during the night and it looks just awful.  At least it doesn't hurt, I am thankful for that.  Thank goodness I wear long sleeves most of the time so no one will have to look at it and flip out on me.

I don't have sewing today because of the blood test.  Last time I waited a really long time before they did the test.  Most nurses won't try me because my veins are hard to find.  I don't mind because I don't like more than one poke, so we waited and waited.  We didn't wait too long but enough where I would have been extremely late for sewing so it was best just to cancel it.  I miss my girls though.  I will see them Monday for their piano lessons.  I have no lessons today but I have 2 tomorrow!  My Aggie and Lily!  I am excited about the new song for Aggie and the new book for Lily.  I haven't heard if the CD is in for Aggie's book yet.  It has been over a week now.  I should have ordered it with Charlie's music instead of from the store.  If it isn't in by next week I will order it from pepper music.  They send the music right to your house, so it is very convenient.

I am pretty tired today, I think I am gonna take a nap after I finish this.  3 days in a row of getting up early is very hard on me.  My head hurts a bit more than usual but I took a pain pill so it should go back to normal soon.  I hope you are having a good day.

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