Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Our house looks like a tornado hit it.  At least the kitchen, dining room, and utility/back room.  Tillie and her daughter, Mia, are here reorganizing me and helping me get rid of what I don't need.  This would not have been possible a few months ago because Mom would have freaked on me.  Now she is just sitting here calm, cool, and collected.  This new medicine is beautiful.  I just love it.  She is so much better and doesn't cry all day like she did before.  

I have my dishes in the cupboards and drawers, food in the cupboards instead of on the floor in front of the cupboards in the back room.  What a concept!  Hayley was over a couple of years ago and reorganized the spare room and mine, so that is finished!  She is great at that too.  We have found some neat stuff too!  I think we have donated about 6 boxes and about 8 bags of stuff!  I couldn't even imagine I had that much stuff.  Mom just sits nicely through the whole process.  I am very glad about that!  I can't wait to see what it all looks like when it's done.  We also threw out about 5 bags of bad food from the back room because everything was piled high on top of each other and you couldn't use the cupboards either.  I was horrified by how much food we wasted.  I kept buying it because I didn't know what we had.  Now I do!  

One of the problems with Alzheimer's in the early stages is hoarding and that is what Mom did.  We are pack rats to begin with, but it got beyond that.  Our back room where the washer, dryer, and freezer are was ridicules.  We have four tall cupboards along the back wall and you couldn't open them at all.  I mean at all.  I don't think they have been open for at least 3 years, if not more.  You put the food on the floor in front of them, or on top of the pile.  It was pretty bad.  Mom's room is really bad too.  Mine is just messy.  I don't think about doing a load of laundry everyday, that would clear my room up completely.  I do have 3 boxes of books that I am going to take to the used bookstore.  I have a pile of clean clothes that need to be put away and I never make my bed unless I have company that will see my room.  Hayley helped me reorganize the room 2 years ago and I have been able to keep it up.  The spare room is full of boxes of stuff that I don't even know what is in them.  I have to go through them.  I know we have a few boxes of material that is going to the Muglia girls.  There are some nice wools and knits that they can make some nice outfits from.  I also have a lot of craft stuff too.  I do need to find out what I have and what I want to make.  Some I bought for me and Mom to do together, but she can't do them anymore.  I bought some for Christmas that I thought would be fun to do but they hurt my hands so I can't do much of them.  I also have some cross stitch stuff that I like to do.  I have books and packages of that.  I have some stuff in the storage unit and a few things in my room and dining room because I was doing them in the dining room.  I have a few decisions to make.

I have a hard with some stuff because I am losing Mom little by little.  The Mom who is here isn't the same Mom I have had all my life, she is mostly gone now, replaced by this fragile, little old lady.  I only have her stuff left.  I have to let it go though because I won't have the room for it.  I want a normal looking house, not the house we have now.  It is hard to get around in our house because of all the stuff.  I want to be able to get around better, it will be better for the pain too if I don't see the stuff everywhere.

It is sunny today!  I bought Mom some cute little hoodies for summer and t-shirts to go with them.  She will look adorable in them, I think.  We also both got our hair cut and styled.  I am getting Mom's picture taken before her birthday because we have the hoodies and we have the styled hair.  I am sending one to Richard, one to Andrew, one to Tillie, and one for me.  I have to perfect frame for it too, or at least I think I do.

I hope your day is going well.

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