Saturday, September 11, 2010

Here we go again, I accidentally erased the post.  I didn't mean too, but I did and of course, right after I did that, it automatically saved.

We had book club today!  At first I was afraid we wouldn't but Maggie was just late, which was fine.  We talked about so many things.  It was wonderful!  I really enjoy book club a lot.  It is fun once a month getting together and chatting.  I gave her the scoop on Debbie, Katie, and Aggie, as the three of them no longer can join us.  I miss them, but since, outside of Debbie, I see them, I don't mind too much.

One thing that has been getting to me is Mom asking for Richard.  She asks for him a lot, and I mean, a lot.  When I can't produce Richard, she cries.  When I tell her he is in Seattle, she cries.  It is really starting to upset me.  I can't help that I am not Richard.  I do the best that I can do by her and at times it doesn't seem to matter to her because I am not Richard and that upsets me.  Sometimes I make sarcastic comments to her like sorry I am not good enough which make her cry but usually I just ignore it.  It is getting harder to ignore that.  I was telling Maggie about it because Mom started to cry after she asked where Richard was this afternoon.  I called Richard and asked him to call me back to talk to Mom.  She can still talk a bit on the phone and I think if she hears his voice maybe she won't be so upset all the time.  She spoke to Andrew on the phone on Monday and she really enjoyed it.  I don't know what she remembers, what she doesn't about the phone call, but I do know she calmed down asking about him.  I am hoping the same thing happens when she talks to Richard.

Anyways, I hope he calls me back this evening.  Mom will really like talking to him and I am hoping she will stop asking me where he is because it is really bothering me.  Maggie said when she comes back from vacation she and I will go and have a chat about it.  She has some ideas.  Maggie is a great help with things like that.  I will have Carolyn come and sit with Mom while we go out.

I have read great posts about 9/11 and where people were when it happened.  All I can say is I will never forget what happened nor will I ever not be thankful and grateful to the people who serve our country in the Armed Services.  Thanks to them, we are free.  So if you or a family member serve, I thank you everyday, not just today.


  1. I like your idea of having Mom talk to those she asks about. Is Richard your brother, uncle?
    Caring for Mom is beginning to become tougher isn't it? I find I am reliving many of the same events right along with you. BIG hugs!

  2. I remember my grandpa would get like that, too, except he would get MAD at whomever he would ask for. He'd call them all kinds of names, none of them nice. I was the "favorite granddaughter" so he would ask for me a lot and I would talk with him on the phone, as at that time I lived in Michigan and they were in Arizona. Grandma said he'd settle right down as soon as he heard my voice. My grandpa would say things that the disease caused him to say....he looked right at my mother and told her he didn't love her anymore. That bothered and upset her down to her very core. But it wasn't HIM, anymore. It was the Alzheimer's. Please try to remember that. Your mother loves you, Heather. It's just her brain is "under attack" and she can no longer think rationally like you or I can. I know it's cold comfort, but I hope I helped some. :0) My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.