Sunday, September 19, 2010

I can't really say I have done anything to exciting while I have had time to myself.  I have read about 4 books now!  Love reading, although I am a bit more tired than usual.  When Mom isn't feeling herself it makes me more tired because she needs more help.  Now that she is getting excellent care for the infection and dehydration, I can relax and I have been.  I thought about going to a movie, but there isn't anything I really want to see so I looked in the DVDs that we have and their are several movies I have been wanting to see.  I have to watch them when Mom is either sleeping or not here because TV can be scary for her.  I did let the nurse know not to turn the TV on in her room, not just because I don't really have the money to pay for it, but because unless it is HG TV, some of the shows can scare the living daylights out of her.  She thinks that some of it is real and happening in front of her.  So, I have scaled back what we watch on TV.  I  am hoping that I will still be able to watch my NCIS, but I am not very hopeful.  Now that I am alone, I plan to watch a couple of movies that I have been wanting to see.  2 of them are the MacGyver TV movies that were made after the series ended.  I loved that show.  I also have the Percy Jackson movie too.  I do plan to get the Ramona movie when it comes out and I think Mom will like it.  I wanted to see it in the theatre, but we just never got the chance to go when we were both awake enough to see it.  In the afternoons, when we usually go to the movies, Mom is sleeping for her nap time.

I talked to Richard today!  That was exciting!  I talked to him for almost 40 minutes.  I gave him the lowdown on Mom and how she  is doing, even though I will see her this evening.  I am not sure if I have any lessons this afternoon or not, so I am not leaving until after the time, just in case.  They are every other week and this should be the week, but one never knows with this particular family.  I don't want to miss the possible 2 lessons, so here I stay.  Richard, the older brother, is very concerned on how does Mom keep getting these infections.  I would like to know too because the poor little Mom has had 3 since May when she first came down with one.  Anyways, I told Richard I would be finding out for him and for myself.  Okay, just called the Alzheimer's Association, once they get them, it is very, very easy for them to get again.  Since I take care of that part of her, I will be more vigilant on this so she doesn't get them again.  I can't be lazy, I think there is another reason too, but that one I can't do anything about. Richard is on his way to Toronto for a week of work.  He wants me to keep him posted (which I would anyways since I send weekly updates to him) on any changes on the little Mom.  I don't know when he is coming to see her, if he even can because he is still out of work and he has got to take the work when he can get it.  He did want to know how I was doing and I told him I was alright, not great, but alright, which is the truth.  I did tell him about the bad headaches I have had in the last few weeks, but basically we are doing okay.  Our bills are being paid and that is the important part.  He asked about money and I said we are able to pay the bills and put some on the back 2009 property taxes, which I have been about to pay about 1/4 of the bill so far.  I am excited about that.  Paying my car off has really helped in that area.  Richard said it was a good idea to pay off the car, he wasn't upset over that at all which is good.  Basically, he wanted the rundown on Mom and I, and I gave it to him like it is.  He is hanging in there too, and with the bit of contract work he has been able to find, he is doing fine.  I am so glad about that.  He does have a family to feed.  I let him know that Mom is scared so much of the time and how I handle it.  I also told him that when Mom isn't scared, she is content.  Mom hasn't had an easy road of it, like so many, so it is important to me that her last few years she be content.  She smiles a lot, especially when I ask where the pretty Mom smile is, she likes that a lot.  I told him we would be going to the zoo soon with Maia and how we still try to have fun together.  He asked me about Mom's favorite restaurant.  I told him Olive Garden because that one she seems to eat rather well at.  I always (now anyways) get her a kid's meal that comes with milk.  She loves milk and so do I.  I get her a milk at Tim Horton's everyday.  I told the hospital she loves milk so they are giving her milk everyday too.  She really likes milk.  I am glad about that because milk has 8 to 9 grams of protein in it depending on the brand and size.

I am just waiting to see if Rachel and Rebecca

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  1. Four books...WOW!!! Hope Richard is able to come for a visit.