Sunday, September 12, 2010

Richard called back to talk to Mom.  He is my older brother who lives very far away.  He is the only one of us three who has children too, William and Abigail.  He is married to Jennifer.  The best part?  Mom hasn't asked for him since she spoke to him on the phone.  I talked to him a bit after Mom did and he was shocked at how out of it she sounded.  Well, that is her now.  I don't know if that will encourage him to come and see her sooner or frighten him into not coming.  Hard to say.

It has been a pretty good day today.  Mom's friend, Jose, came up to Tim Horton's while we were there and stayed and visited with Mom for a bit.  He is very nice.  We had some errands to run but Mom was getting really tired so he said he would take Mom home and watch her for me.  Wasn't that nice?  I leaped at the chance of having some alone time to run errands.  I had to go to my friend's house to pick up some stuff and then to Sam's Club to pick up some Ensure for Mom.  She was practically out of the Ensure.  I think we opened the last bottle this morning.  She is upstairs sleeping right now.  I checked on her a bit ago and she was asleep.  She sure says some funny things today, had me laughing.

Pain level is pretty okay today too, not too high.  My head is a bit high right now, but only a tiny bit.  I think I need to eat dinner and then it would be fine.  I am thinking maybe some Chinese.  We haven't had any in a long time.  I will get the dinner and share with Mom as she won't eat a full dinner anymore.  If Mom is still asleep then I will wake her up because it is getting late and I don't want her not to sleep tonight.  That would not be good for the little lady.

It is really beautiful out today, the sun is shining and the sky has white puffs of clouds.  It is just simply gorgeous.  The one thing I have noticed about this disease, is that I have slowed down, like so many have.  I have the time to look at the area around me and notice when it is beautiful out and when it isn't.  I have a great view of lots of trees when the dining room drapes are open.  My neighbor has so many trees in there backyard.  (We are a corner lot so I look into their backyard from our house)  We have a hedge of bushes that are so tall it is unbelievable.  They should be cut down, but I can't do it and neither can Mom.  I am not worried about them.  They aren't big enough to be in the electrical wires yet.  The neighbor's trees are in the wires, and that does worry me because it can cause a fire.  Overall, I have a very pretty view that a few years ago I might not have noticed as much.

Definitely a better day today than yesterday and most of the week too.  I am happy today again.  Life is good, not the one I planned, but a decent life nonetheless.  The leaves are starting to change color in my back yard already.  Wow, fall really is here!  yeah for that!  Soon will be Christmas, my favorite holiday.  I do hope we are in Seattle for it with my older brother, Richard and his family, but I don't know for sure.  We shall see.

I hope this finds you doing well and having a beautiful day too.


  1. Heather, I hope you can get to Seattle at Christmas too...

    We are still in NorCal, driving home today, chat later sweets,

  2. If you should get a bread maker, let us know how it turns out. That is about the only way that I can see me making bread, but I doooo like bread. Yes, Panera is a great place - I also like their soups.

    We also have a neighbor that loves to leave notes informing us that our brush pile should not be visible from the street. Sorry, but the back yard has a retaining wall and a slope that no one is tackling to throw fallen branches. Our side yard is our working yard, and my wood pile will be chipped up this fall. I thought of getting a pirate's flag to hang over the wood pile so it would look like a kid's fort - but never took the time - too busy throwing wood on the pile!