Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We were supposed to have an association meeting tonight, but apparently, there wasn't because no one mentioned it to the lady's whose house it was going to be at.  Oh well, I don't mind.  I was having a hard time getting Mom in and out today.  She is just tired, that's all, nothing wrong, just a bit tired.  She gets more tired easier than before, which is to be expected as the disease progresses.  She is fine now.  Looking cute in her little hoodie with the fleece jacket on top.  Her friend stopped by and I thought he was going to cut her hair, but he didn't stay very long, so I will be taking Mom to get her hair cut.  We actually had the time this afternoon had I known, but it isn't that much of a big deal.  Another time will present itself.

The social worker came today from the Home Health Care Company.  She wasn't that helpful.  She did give me the names of 2 people that may be able to help me, but overall, she got the same info I did when I did it myself.

The hospital bed is still here.  I am getting rather annoyed.  I will be calling them again tomorrow.  I want it gone by the weekend.  It really is in the way as it moves the princess table in the middle of the floor.  Now fortunately, all my students navigate around it well, but still, to me, it is the way.  I definitely need it gone by Christmas because I need the area for the Christmas Tree.  We haven't really had a good tree for the last few years and I want Mom to have a nice Christmas this year.  It could be the last one she remembers, well, sort of remembers, how about enjoys, that works.  It could be the last one she could enjoy.  Right now, the disease seems to be at a standstill, which is great, I hope it stays for a while.  Last year, between Thanksgiving and February, she went downhill fast.  It seems that her disease takes giant steps down, she stays at one level for a long, long time, and then giant step down, and repeat.  I want her to stay her for a long while because the next stage is stage 7 and that is the end stage.  I don't want to see that stage for an extremely long time.

Today has been a good day for us.  The only glitch was that I thought Mom had an appointment with Dr. Gradolph and as it turned out, they cancelled the appointment because he wants her to try the pain patch first and then see him in a few weeks.  So we sat there for a few minutes before we found that out so all in all, we didn't wait too long before I found out.  We went to our usual after that and low and behold, Rosemary arrived shortly after!  So how cool is that?  Pretty cool, if you ask me.  So we sat and visited with her while we ate our brunch.  We haven't seen much of her this summer because her uncle, who she takes care of, has been rather ill.  He is 90 and is not doing too well.  It is very sad and I know she is sad about it.  He lives in assisted living and she is with him quite a bit.  She also belongs to a garden club and a doll club as she collects dolls.  I have a few dolls (collectible types, not antique) to donate to her for the doll club raffle.  I just have to pull them out and then give them to her.  I am not sure exactly where the dolls are right now, but I know they are not far.

After our usual, we headed to Walmart to fill Mom's prescription.  We were going to go and pick up some milk, but as we got to the clothes department, I noticed she was getting a bit tired.  We turned around and headed back to the pharmacy department.  As soon as we got into the department, the phone rang and her prescription was filled so we picked it up and headed home.  When we got home we took naps.  I was tired and I knew she was.  I put her new pain patch on her shoulder that is bothering her and went and sat in my chair.  I love that chair.  It is the only one I can sit on with my feet up that doesn't bother my legs or hips.  You can see why I love that chair plus it is so comfy.

I had one lesson after the social worker left.  Charlie is doing really well for his lessons.  He has been practicing which is good.  We also laugh a lot during his lesson.  At the conclusion of his lesson I put Mom in her fleece jacket to head for the association meeting.  I just got Mom in the car when Irv (Rosemary's husband - really nice guy) pulled up to tell me there was no meeting.  So I got Mom back out of the car and we went back into the house.  I asked her if she wanted some ice cream and she said no, so back in we went.

We are now watching HGTV

It is, once again, a beautiful day out and I am loving this weather!  I hope this finds you doing well.

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