Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Once again it is beautiful weather outside.  I am really loving this so far this fall.  I know fall doesn't officially start for another few weeks, but hey, kids are in school so to me it is fall.

It isn't too bad of a pain day for a nice change.  The head is its normal pain level (I have a headache everyday and have had one for 6 years straight now) so I am thrilled and my knee seems to be behaving.  It isn't back to normal, but it is getting there.

Mom did wonderful at physical therapy today.  Lori came earlier than usual, but that was alright and fit great into our schedule.  She called and by the time she got here, Mom was dressed and brushing her teeth. (She is back to doing them on her own again)  I brought her downstairs, gave her her medicines, and then put her shoes on her.  After that, Lori took over and I went to get dressed.  I was so pleased that Mom did well even without me cheering her on like I usually do.  I am trying not to interfere with Lori's work, but sometimes I can get Mom to do better by cheering her on.  Lori now cheers her own the same way I do and that seems to help quite a bit.  I will miss the physical therapy when it is over next month.  I bought ankle weights that mom and I will use to give us both strength.  I just pray she doesn't go into the hospital again.

Tomorrow Mom gets her bath.  It won't be done by Angela because she is on vacation (honeymoon! how cool is that?!) but by a new worker for us.  She wanted to come at 8 to 8:30 am.  Now, we all now I am NOT a morning person, but Mom isn't either.  So I had to tell her that wouldn't work.  She said that she has 2 people in our area, Mom and another lady, but still, I am NOT getting Mom up any earlier than I usually do because she would be exhausted all day long and that would NOT be good.  So we compromised and said about 10 to 10:30 am.  I can do that.  No way I can do the other, absolutely not happening.  I like that Angela always came around 12:30 to 1:00 pm, but we can use this new time to our advantage as I will wake Mom right as soon as she arrives.  She can get ready and I will get Mom and then she will have her bath and be all ready for the day, so it will work out for us.  Mom usually sleeps until 10 to 10:30 am anyways.  I know because I check in on her.

I took a wee nap today and had some strange dreams.  Sometimes dreams are really weird when I take naps.  I wonder why?  Hm, something to ponder in the future.

Bob had his lesson and he is learning his songs quite well.  He is playing his first piano invention by J. S. Bach.  He is putting his hands together for the first time on the new part and it was really good, slow, but good.  My saying always is, if you can't play it slow, you can't play it fast.  Of course, a problem is once you learn it fast, you really can't always play it slow.  But when learning, you need to play the song slowly and then speed up as you practice more.  That has always worked for me and my students.

Acer, Calli, and Charlie all had lessons yesterday.  It was quite a busy afternoon for a bit.  I loved every minute of it.  Acer showed me his new jazz piece he composed.  He composes often and I wouldn't be surprise that when he is older he will be a composer.  Calli is doing super well on her jazz piece.  I simply love the song she is playing and the next song she will play is also a cool jazz piece.  She will be starting to sing in the next week or two too so that will be fun.  I have some of the books out now and I need to copy some songs for her and put the piano parts on a CD for her to practice.  Katie wants to have a chat with her on the virtues of going to competition and singing in the ensemble as we are one short for an ensemble this year and with Calli we would have enough.  I don't know if that will happen, but Katie is a determined teenager and I think she will just love Calli.  I also know that Acer could participate in the ensemble if he chose too.  It is entirely up to them, I will not make anyone do anything but I do understand how much Katie loves singing in an ensemble and I have some cute music for one.  Katie is a character for sure.  Charlie is also doing pretty well with his lessons.  He got a couple of exercises marked off because he sight read them perfect.  I actually expected this, but he didn't know that.  The book reviews a bit from the previous book so that is why I expected it.  Charlie also plays the drums which thrills Acer.  I told Acer that Charlie played the tenor drums in marching band, but I wasn't sure if he played the 5 (apparently it is 6) or 1 drum in the band.  We waited for Charlie for the answer.  Charlie thought it was really cool that Acer is very interested in drums.  He thinks he is a neat little man, which he is.

I hope you are enjoying the fall weather.  It is supposed to warm up a bit tomorrow and by the weekend, but I don't mind, it won't get too hot for me.

Also, I just received a phone call from a different worker (the one who called yesterday) and she is coming for Mom at about 4:30 tomorrow.  I had to call the office and let them know so this time is better for us because we won't have to wake up earlier than usual.  I hope they get this straightened out.  I missed the phone call yesterday by about 5 minutes and they were worried they wouldn't get a hold of me.  So, the bottom line is, the timing for the other woman is much better than the first so we are going with the second lady (who in fact was the first to call me).  As long as Mom gets a bath, that is all that matters to me.

Enjoy your day and have a great evening!!!

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